Recover now with Asigra Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR)

Nov 2012

Recover now with Asigra Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR)

Posted by Pavan Vyas

Recover now with Asigra Virtual Disaster RecoveryAs virtualization technology has matured, organizations have become comfortable with running critical business data and applications on virtual machines. The ability to quickly provision, migrate, and more effectively manage IT resources has been driving the adoption of virtualization making it now an essential component of every IT environment. Therefore, virtual machine protection is now a central component of data protection. Given that virtualization is all about business ease, shouldn't virtualization protection also be just as easy? We think so. This is why we have invested in building on the virtualization backup and restore capabilities in Asigra Cloud Backup™.

Experience the power of recovering your virtual machines NOW. You can create a virtual copy of any of your physical or virtual machines in the local VMware environment. In the case that your primary infrastructure goes down, all you need to do is just turn on the virtual copy and you are back to business as usual. We go even one step further with our instant recovery functionality for VMware virtual machines – Asigra Virtual Disaster Recovery. You can configure the backup of your virtual machines in such a way that, on completion of the backup, the latest copy is brought up and made available to you at the remote offsite data center. This way, you can ensure that in the event that your primary infrastructure goes down, you can continue to operate from the copy that is now available offsite. To know more about our VDR solution, download our solution sheet here.

You know what's even better? The instant recovery capabilities of Asigra Virtual Disaster Recovery are provided to you at no additional cost! Unlike other solutions, we believe that you should not have to pay extra for instant recovery. If you have been using a separate solution or a service for this functionality or if you have been additionally licensing such functionality, you no longer need to as it is provided to you along with all the other functions available within Asigra Cloud Backup.

Asigra Cloud Backup also offers capabilities to backup and restore your virtual machines from across any platform to your secure offsite data center. So irrespective of the virtual machine platform that you run your critical business data and applications, you can back it all up using low impact methods. Since Asigra does not need you to install an agent on every virtual machine, given our agentless architecture, you can backup virtual machines without burdening virtual servers by installing an agent on every machine that you need to backup. For platforms that expose an API, Asigra uses the API method for VM backups. However, in the case the virtualization platform provider does not expose an API, Asigra backs up all the files using the operating systems published APIs. To know more about Asigra's virtualization capabilities, click here

If you are looking for an enterprise platform that provides you with comprehensive protection for your virtual environments integrated with the ability to protect data in all its myriad forms in the enterprise, click here to find an Asigra Partner in your local area.

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