Price is What you Pay – Value is What You Get

Jan 2012

Price is What you Pay – Value is What You Get

Posted by Samantha Morris

There is a lot of sentiment in the marketplace that Asigra’s Cloud Backup Software is expensive. We’ve seen a number of different postings in articles, forums, blogs and on Twitter that while Asigra is a great product – it’s just too expensive for the average Managed Services Provider.



Our licensing and pricing model has changed significantly over the past year and we can assure you that Asigra Cloud Backupä is competitively priced based on its features, functionality, scalability and value beyond software.

For new and existing Managed Service Providers (MSPs) focused on data protection, Asigra transforms the way businesses manage and protect their data by delivering market leading cloud backup solutions that seamlessly and efficiently manage, scale and deliver data protection services – and at a reasonable price.

While we are not the cheapest product in the marketplace, we’re definitely one of the leading data backup and recovery software providers.

If you haven’t engaged with us recently and would like to know more about Asigra Cloud Backup Version 11 and our new pricing model, please click here.

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My No.1 issue with Asigra is

My No.1 issue with Asigra is the secretive approach their your pricing model. It's outmoded and outdated. Openness drives today's markets. You fail on that point, hard, but your product does look amazing. At the very least you should provide an approximate per GB or TB cost. As it stands, the first impression left with most is that you and your vendors are seeking opportunities exploit each client individually. Just the impression people get, but that's what counts.

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