New generation marketing tool

Aug 2013

New generation marketing tool


The following is a guest post from Vladimir Milanovic

LiveBackup configuratorLiveBackup is very honoured to have won the award for Best Cloud Backup and Recovery Marketing Campaign at the 2013 Asigra Cloud Backup Partner Summit. We were recognised for presenting the innovative lead generation tool that provided numerous benefits to the company.

This tool was created in response to some of the biggest challenges LiveBackup faced last year. They included increasing awareness about Asigra’s unique features and the benefits it brings to businesses whilst capturing more information about our website leads. Detailed information about the prospects is crucial in order to allow for proper qualification before they are passed on to sales so the team can better position their approach with these prospects.

Numerous conversion points on the LiveBackup website enabled collecting basic information about prospective clients but still lacked addressing previously described challenges. We needed something that will educate our website visitors about the offering without complicating things for them.

LiveBackup needed a unique marketing campaign

We knew that we needed something different. Not just another AdWords or outbound email marketing campaign. That was when we developed a brand new and innovative marketing tool that enabled the company to peak into the business of website visitors whilst, at the same time, providing an entertaining learning experience for the visitor, resulting in a win-win situation for both parties.

How does this tool work?

The tool is called the LiveBackup configurator. It is a web application that consists of 8 simple questions related to 4 key components of data protection strategy. With each question, illustrative information is provided about the most relevant features of Asigra software. It takes no longer than a few minutes for the visitors to complete the journey, after which they are asked to fill out a form and leave their contact information in order to receive a pre-built, but automatically customised and branded PDF report outlining their data backup requirements.

Based on the prospects’ actions after completing the LiveBackup configurator, they are either contacted by the LiveBackup sales team or entered into lead nurturing programs that offer them more information related to products and services. This is how the LiveBackup configurator tool educates visitors, whilst at the same time allowing the company to qualify leads based on their business requirements.

LiveBackup configurator

One of the great things about LiveBackup configurator is that prospects going through the tool do not have to have technical knowledge. Questions are fairly simple and aimed at their business needs which makes the configurator appropriate for a wide target audience of business owners and executives. Prospects are given an opportunity to learn more about backup strategies prior to entering into complex discussions with our experts.

What did the configurator bring to LiveBackup?

The main benefit of the LiveBackup configurator for the company is increased lead generation. From all of the inbound leads we had on our website during the past year, over 70% of them came through this tool. As the LiveBackup configurator is search engine optimised, it increased the number of organic visits to the website by 50%. When all new website visitors are taken into consideration, almost 5% of them converted through the configurator tool, which represents a very successful conversion rate.

Improved lead qualification process is also one of the advantages LiveBackup gained from the configurator tool. The process is simplified by asking questions which help to determine direction of the conversation with the prospects. This automation enables time and cost savings and allows the team to communicate to sales-ready prospects, whilst nurturing the rest of them.

The LiveBackup configurator also provided new sales opportunities to the company. Over 9% of those leads that converted through the tool entered the negotiations and have been moving through the sales funnel successfully.

The success of your marketing efforts lies in understanding your target audience

Lead generation tools on many business websites, particularly in the backup industry, are built for people that are already familiar with the technology and are trying to compare various options available out there. However, there should be tools that capture the interest of visitors coming from different stages of the buying funnel. Some people do not possess the technical knowledge and need to be educated first, without committing to sales meetings and free trials straight away. This is why LiveBackup’s configurator is so successful, it addresses the majority of prospects that are actually in the upper levels of the buying funnel.

We’re currently in the process of creating a new version of the configurator and are excited to see what the improved tool will bring. If you are too, stay tuned!

About the Author

Vladimir MilanovicVladimir has been working with GCOMM since 2010 on the design and implementation of the recent branding and marketing strategies. He was also responsible for the rebranding  of LiveBackup in 2012. Between 2006 and 2010 he was involved in the creation and launch of Imperial Tobacco’s European BTL platform for its Davidoff brand as well as for the rebranding of French icon, Gitanes. Vladimir graduated from the Belgrade University of Arts in 2005.

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