Mix it up with Creative Differentiation and Added Value

Apr 2011

Mix it up with Creative Differentiation and Added Value

Posted by Chris Whitside in Featured

“Everyone is doing backup these days,” says Gregory Tellone, CEO of American Business Continuity Centers. “So Asigra partners need to differentiate themselves from all of the SOHO services that only do backup and avoid the topic of recovery – which, of course, is the whole point of doing backup in the first place.”

And, of course, he’s right. The beauty of Asigra is that it makes differentiation easy. Partners can combine Asigra with many hardware configurations and other service offerings to make their entire package much more attractive and helpful to their targeted customers.

Mr. Tellone’s company differentiates by offering affordable Disaster Recovery services to companies of all sizes that don’t want the cost of maintaining their own backup facilities. His company assembles an entire office, anywhere in North America, within 48 hours of a disaster and restores your infrastructure to fresh hardware within minutes. That’s laser focus  and they promote no other services. As Tellone puts it, “Recovery – it’s all we do at Continuity Centers.”

But that’s a lot, especially if you’re a company worried about losing everything in a fire. Data recovery is certainly a big part of it but we’re also talking office space, furniture, computers, office equipment, phones, satellite, wireless networking and so on. The service is called Flexible Workgroup Recovery and is available in cities throughout the US and Canada. Customers, referred to as members, subscribe to FWC as a service. Continuity Centers also offers traditional hot-site in the New York Metro area.

Since they are so focused on just one market segment, Tellone’s team is forced to get creative. “We ask ourselves every day, during each test and each recovery, what we can do to make recovery even more affordable and easier for our members,” he says.

Often, that means more than one answer. For instance, they offer SecureVault Private Cloud Backup and Recovery (Powered by Asigra) for long term backup storage plus they offer Instant Business Recovery (automated failover to a replicated server based on CA ARCserve RHA®).

“A lot of creativity has gone into service design at Continuity Centers,” says Asigra sales manager Tyler Fergusson. “For instance, they also provide some clients with full system recovery services—from their Asigra backups to a warm production environment that’s always standing by. Thoughtfully planning, and investing in the right hardware and software platforms, can provide extra value. That certainly helps a provider stand out from the competition.” 

It’s also the kind of creative service design that can boost revenue while helping other service providers at the same time. Tellone says nearly a third of the business for his Flexible Workgroup Recovery service comes from other providers, including Asigra partners. They resell the service from Continuity Centers to round out their own services (at no extra cost to them), ensuring their customers are completely covered for disaster recovery.

Continuity Centers is just one example of creative differentiation. There are many more. It’s not about being all things to all customers. It’s about being focused on the needs of specific customers and being the best in the business for that segment.

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Nice write-up Greg! See you

Nice write-up Greg! See you at the Asigra conference in June.

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