Meet Us At Connectwise IT Nation 2010

Oct 2010

Meet Us At Connectwise IT Nation 2010

Posted by Jacob Woods

With ConnectWise IT Nation 2010 a mere 2 weeks away.  I was asked last week by our Director of Corporate Marketing what I hoped to accomplish in Orlando.  I told her I’d get back to her that afternoon.  After some serious reflection I came up with some things but not limited to; tanning pool-side, renting a sea-doo, renting a convertible, and perhaps some golf if the mood struck me.  After some back and forth banter…I relented and started to outline what I really wanted to get out of the business trip.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of an industry that is revolutionizing the way that IT companies offer backup and recovery services to their customers.  On a daily basis I am connecting with either CEO’s who are in the midst of changing the way their companies will deliver backup solutions or entrepreneurs who are looking to participate in the ‘Cloud’ space and the enormous opportunity it presents.

When you make your way over to booth #223, I can assure you of one thing,  no one is going to try and sell you anything.  Quite frankly we haven’t earned the right to sell to you…at least not yet.  Help us understand where you’re trying to take your business, what you want out of a managed backup solution, and what your business objectives are…only then can we (Asigra) start to show you how our solution will assist you in meeting your goals and objectives. 

Those who know me well, know that ‘humble’ wouldn’t be a word to describe me, but being asked to attend such a prestigious event, is truly an honor and a privilege.  I look forward to  meeting some old faces and new ones alike.  So if you’re looking at adding a backup and recovery managed service to your business, replacing an existing one that just might not be cutting the mustard, or simply you just want someone to demystify the ‘Cloud’ for you, come by the booth and let’s chat.

I’d like to offer an invitation to anyone who’d like to have an unbiased dialogue on the business opportunities existing in cloud backup services, pool-side beverages are on me. ;)

Jacob Woods ready for business!

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LOL- If this isn't the

LOL- If this isn't the cheesiest post I havn't see I dont know what is..."Quite frankly we haven’t earned the right to sell to you…at least not yet"...You are too young to be a used car salesman - is this the best Asigra Corporate Marketing could do?

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