MSP Interview: Backup My Info!

Feb 2010

MSP Interview: Backup My Info!

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We just did a Twitter interview with Jennifer Walzer, the CEO of Backup My Info!, Inc. this morning. She had some really good insight that we wanted to share with all of you. Here’s the full interview.

Image of Jennifer Walzer

asigra @BackupMyInfo Good morning Jennifer. I will start tweeting you questions for our #interview and will later post this on our blog as well.

asigra @BackupMyInfo Q1. What made you get into #cloud#backup? #interview

BackupMyInfo @Asigra lol this is difficult to answer in 140 characters but i’ll do my best …ok stay tuned

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q1: in 2002 there was a huge opportunity to help businesses with a better and more reliable backup solution – market was wide open

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q1: i also believed that companies have enough stress in their businesses – they dont need the additional stress of losing data

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q1: no one ever thinks about backup until its too late – thats why i entered it -its a different expertise to properly bkup/restore

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q1: what we do is “backup” but why we do what we do is because we focus on ensuring everything from setup/bkp/restore is done right

asigra @BackupMyInfo Q2. What’re the 2 biggest reasons customers turn to you for cloud backup services? #interview

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q2: 1 reason – we know our clients’ industry in terms of data protection (we just focus on professional service firms)

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q2: we dont just throw you the software / facilities and wish you all the best (you shouldnt have to learn everything on your own)

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q2: 2 reason: each client is paired up with a senior level engineer who will handhold them every step of the way

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q2: 2 reason: including best practice consultation (industry focused), install, and daily physical monitoring of logs for them

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q2: we believe that our clients should focus on their business – we give them peace of mind by being their trusted advisor/teammate

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q2: our clients tend to be customers that provide a high quality level of services to their customers and see us as their partners

asigra @BackupMyInfo Q3. What do you look for in the partners you do business with? #interview

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q3: Like our customers, we look for partners who provide very high quality level services to their customer base and are looking

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q3: for experts who they can trust to make sure their clients backups run smoothly for them…

asigra @BackupMyInfo Q4. 3 things one must be thinking of/considering before getting into managed services? #interview

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q4: 1) know your differentiation in the mkt – you need a clear picture as to why you and not someone else

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q4: #2 – Don’t give svcs away free/too cheap hoping to make it up in volume later – you need to make money – free model doesn’t work

BackupMyInfo @Asigra #4: #3: You need your own backup and you need to manage your own systems daily – dont assume they will just run on their own.

asigra Q5. What’s in store for @BackupMyInfo in 2010? #interview

BackupMyInfo @Asigra Q5: We will continue to focus on our industry expertise and client growth in the NYC area as well as expand our DR capabilities

asigra @BackupMyInfo (last Q)Q6. How do you see social media affecting the way you do business? #interview

BackupMyInfo @Asigra #6: I think SM is just a tool to help share ideas and be accessible to the market-we’re still learning -would love input on this!

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