Making your backup stronger, better and faster than ever before with Asigra Snapshots and Snapshot Manager

Apr 2013

Making your backup stronger, better and faster than ever before with Asigra Snapshots and Snapshot Manager

Posted by Pavan Vyas in Cloud Backup

Asigra InterfaceIn the traditional world of data protection, backups and snapshots were considered as substitutes or alternates - and that doing one meant that you didn't need to do the other. Due to the fact that snapshots took birth in the world of storage, it remained an arcane technology to backup administrators; managed and controlled by the storage administrator. However, this separation of responsibilities led to the creation of islands of data protection. Many times the storage administrator and the backup administrator both protected the same data leading to inefficient use of resources and a lot of confusion when looking to restore the information at the time of a data loss.

With the growing popularity of big data and with rapid growth in data volumes, the need to protect data using a quick and efficient approach is becoming ever more important. This need is exacerbated by the fact that businesses are becoming global and backup windows are shrinking. Snapshots offer a perfect solution with their rapid hardware based data protection capabilities which ensure that large data backups can complete in very short time intervals. We're not alone in holding this view. Jason Buffington from ESG also spoke to this very idea in his blog post regarding snapshot based data protection.

And so, at Asigra we have been making enhancements to ensure that the two approaches come together in our software. In V11.2 we announced support for software based methods for snapshot data protection. In V12, we have gone a step further introducing the support for hardware based snapshot data protection in our platform. And with the aim of aiding the integration of snapshots into the role of the backup administrator, we have built in the Snapshot Manager interface which provides the capabilities to the backup administrator to schedule, manage, and control the entire snapshot process using the familiar Asigra interface.

At Asigra we believe that in this world where convergence is the new mantra and where silos are being torn down every day, this change needs to permeate the backup world as well. A true enterprise class software solution needs to provide backup administrators with all the tools, technologies and methodologies needed for data protection without building in additional barriers to its adoption. It is for this precise reason that the Snapshot Manager is integrated into our platform with no additional licensing.

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