Luxury Cars and Cloud Backup: What do they have in common?

Aug 2014

Luxury Cars and Cloud Backup: What do they have in common?


There has always been a human instinct to want to push technology to the next level. This could be for the purpose of profit,Bugatti discovery or both. Ferrari, Mclaren, Lamborghini, and Porsche; these are the big names in the Luxury sport auto industry. Drivers strive to own cars manufactured by these brands because they are fast, luxurious, and striking. The equivalent in the cloud backup world might be companies like EMC, HP, and Dell. Though most would not describe enterprise software as luxurious or striking in their looks they are designed around being reliable and fast. But as any real car enthusiast will tell you, these cars, though beautiful, and very fast, are not the best technology has to offer. Smaller companies such as Pagani, Koenigsegg, and Bugatti all have vehicle line ups that surpass anything that the more mainstream manufacturers have to offer.

Asigra: More than Just Looks

I see Asigra in the same light as the Bugattis of the world; we have the pedigree, but not everybody is aware that there is a whole new plateau of enterprise software. Asigra is pushing boundaries by offering an agent-less cloud backup and recovery software solution for everything from large servers down to the mobile devices in our pockets to the data residing in Google Apps. We work with Managed Service Providers to bring end users the fastest, most reliable, and flexible solution possible. We have re-invented the way that cloud backup is bought with our Recovery License Model. Whether you have heard of us or not we have been at the forefront of software development technology, leading the industry from behind the curtain for over 25 years. Asigra continues to push the envelope of backup technology and in doing so each year we grow our customer base.

To learn more about how Asigra is changing backup and recovery, please visit us at

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