The ramifications of an unprotected laptop – a firsthand experience

Jun 2010

The ramifications of an unprotected laptop – a firsthand experience



It was a Sunday afternoon. I was preparing all of the information for what was supposed to be a successful week on the road visiting customers. I was sifting through all the emails that had my flight, hotel, and rental car information, along with all the materials that my marketing department was kind enough to prepare and send to me electronically. In the midst of this, my computer crashed, and upon re-booting it, I realized that I had lost a significant amount of my emails. If you’re anything like me, you use your email for all of your document storage and heavily rely on its availability. So here I was at 2:00pm on a Sunday afternoon, with no help desk to call, no way to access the information I needed, and NO ability to restore my data!

Laptop Protection with Asigra

While this happened some years ago, I can still recall the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I lost critical data.

It should be no secret that part of what I do at Asigra is to grow our ecosystem. In speaking with numerous potential partners on a daily/weekly basis, one of the common questions that I ask them in regards to delivering a service to their customers is about laptop protection. The most common answers I receive are, “I’m not sure if my customers would want that,” or, “the solutions out there to protect laptops are complex to the end user and complex from a licensing standpoint.”

To me, these are unacceptable answers as there is in fact a simplistic approach to it. As a service provider, you need to start asking for an efficient solution that’s truly end-to-end. That is, a backup solution that protects everything from the laptop to the data center. Additionally, the solution must be easy (for end users) to manage, must run seamlessly in the background, and eliminate the complexities in licensing from your standpoint.

Your thoughts and comments would be much appreciated.


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