Jacksonville Jaguars Select Cloud-Based Data Protection

Apr 2015

Jacksonville Jaguars Select Cloud-Based Data Protection

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

What do Cloud Backup and the NFL have in common? Well the Jacksonville Jaguars rely on cloud-based data recovery solutionsJaguars by Yotta280 that are powered by Asigra. Previously, the Jaguars were using tape backup, but as the franchise began to grow, their tape-related problems began to increase and eventually became too frustrating to manage. It was at that point the Jaguars began to research cloud-based data backup systems and found Yotta280 and Asigra.

So how much tech does an NFL franchise have anyways? The Jaguars’ offices have 60 total servers with 30 critical servers that require reliable protection from disruption. 15 of the servers were virtualized with both Hyper-V and VMware, as well as 5 Line of Business (LOB) applications, most of which were SQL server based. With so many servers, the old way of bringing backup tapes to an offsite drop box, became quickly inefficient.

We put together a case study that examines in detail the challenges the Jacksonville Jaguars faced with their old tape backup solution and why they decided to make the switch to cloud backup. Learn the following:

  • Why the Jaguars engaged with a medium/large business focused solution provider like Yotta280
  • Why Hurricane Katrina made the Jaguars pay closer attention to their data protection needs
  • The complete technical implementation that was put into place by Yotta280 to meet the needs of the Jaguars
  • How the Jaguars saved more than 150 hours of IT staff time annually
  • Plus much more…

Read the case study in full below:

Jacksonville Jaguars Select Cloud-Based Data Protection for Speedier and More Reliable Recovery than Tape Backup

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