IT, I’ve Lost My Phone

Feb 2015

IT, I’ve Lost My Phone

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

For most of us, our smart phones have become a second skin. Besides my wallet, and my keys, there isn’t a place I go withoutEndpoint V13 my phone. In 2014, according to IDC reports, nearly 1.3 Billion smart phones were shipped. Not to mention the influx of endpoints devices that are encroaching office environments; in 2013, it was estimated that six out of ten executives were using tablets. With that said, what happens when these devices are either stolen or go missing? And what happens if there is sensitive corporate information contained on those devices?

Blurred Lines

If you ask an IT administrator about their thoughts around endpoint device adoption in the office, they’ll probably cringe. After all, precious corporate data residing on these devices creates a multitude of threats. Beyond a stolen device, the value of the data on the device itself is something that can provide a high return for potential thieves. Or if it isn’t a thief, maybe it’s the carelessness of a senior executive who misplaces their iPhone which contains highly sensitive and confidential corporate information, at their local café. The point is, once sensitive data is stored on a mobile device, the opportunity for that data to go missing increases, wherever that device might be, either at work or at home.

I’ll Just Work from Anywhere

And beyond working at home, one must also consider the new trends of working in the field where smart phones and tablets have become more prominent and critical to business operations; such as insurance field adjusters, medical professionals and any profession that supports the use of laptops. The possibilities are endless for data to either get stolen or to be misplaced.

Asigra’s V13 Introduces New Endpoint Security Features

At Asigra, we understand the need to protect data across all devices, including smart phones, laptops and tablets, is critical for businesses and IT administrators. To protect this data, Asigra has incorporated data loss prevention features into its latest release, Asigra Cloud Backup™ V13, to ensure data stays where it’s suppose to stay.

Geo-location Targeting

To start, Geo- location functionality enables IT admins to quickly locate mobile devices while leveraging Google maps. So the next time a senior executive happens to misplace their phone and call IT, the exact location of the phone can quickly be identified.

Remote Wipe

Or if worse comes to worse, and the device isn’t retrievable, we’ve introduced a Remote Wipe capability that entirely wipes the critical data (specified by your backup sets) from the device. And if you’re using Asigra Cloud Backup, as an IT admin, you’ll be rest assured that you have a backup copy of that data.

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Integration

Finally, for those IT admins that are working with Microsoft SCCM, Asigra’s V13 integrates with SCCM to ensure the ease of deployment of thousands of endpoint devices. So the next time your senior executive comes to you in a panic about a lost device, you can feel confident, that with Asigra Cloud Backup V13, your data is in good hands.

To learn more about Asigra Cloud Backup™ V13 new features and endpoint security solutions, download our Mobile Endpoint Security data sheet.

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