Inflexible VM Protection is Inadequate Protection

Feb 2015

Inflexible VM Protection is Inadequate Protection

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

With the myriad of benefits gained from virtualized environments it’s no wonder why virtualization has become a staple of theElastic modern enterprise data center. As the usage of Virtual Machines (VMs) becomes more widespread, the need for VM data protection also becomes more and more prominent. But not all use cases for VM backup are the same; different VMs will have widely different protection needs. Whether a VM is dedicated to mission critical production workloads or is assigned to something like a snapshot of a production database used for testing, IT admins must decide on how they want to protect their VM data. So how does an IT professional sort out these environments in the easiest and most cost effective way?

A Smart Approach

The latest version of Asigra Cloud Backup™ addresses the need for IT admins to backup their VMs in the most efficient manner. Instead of relying on complex and costly point solutions, found in many existing IT environments, Asigra provides a spectrum of VM protection options. Asigra Cloud Backup Version 13 lets you backup and restore as well as replicate VMs on-site or to the cloud and gives you the flexibility to set the level of protection on a VM by VM basis according to your business and application need. So in the above scenario, Asigra will make it possible for you to protect your VMs according to your different use cases. On top of that, Asigra is a comprehensive solution, where you can manage all of your backups from a single tool and interface in order to manage both VM and non-VM data sources.

Comprehensive VM Backups

VMs are like any other data source in that data losses happen. In some instances the data loss could be expected, in the case where a VM contains a customer contact database that is updated over time with older records being overwritten. Or in other cases, the data loss could come as a surprise where an end user might have accidentally deleted a file on the VM. In either case, the impact to the organization can be severe. For those reasons, Asigra Cloud Backup helps you mitigate your risks by giving you the option to take unlimited point in time backups of VMs across your organization. Plus you can define rules on a per-VM basis that will automatically take as few or as many backups as you wish, thus enabling you to meet your recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Minimize Downtime with VM Replication

Some organizations require the need to replicate mission critical applications with urgent recovery time objectives (RTOs); for example, a company that relies on an ecommerce website. By maintaining a replica VM, if a primary production site fails, a replica VM can take over with minimal delay and the site can be up and running quickly. In these cases the time it takes to get the VM replica up is crucial. Asigra Cloud Backup V13 supports this use case by including VM replication for VMware. By leveraging snapshots, Asigra Cloud Backup can have your replica up and running in as little as 5 minutes or less. VM replication can be combined with VM backup to give you the benefits of both types of data protection.

In conclusion, the key thing to remember about Asigra Cloud Backup is that it gives you the flexibility to choose the right level of protection for all the VMs in your organization without adding complexity to your IT processes the way VM data protection point solutions do.

You can learn more about the many business benefits of Asigra Cloud Backup V13 for your virtualized environments by downloading our VM protection data sheet

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