The Ideal Cloud Backup Prospect

Jul 2012

The Ideal Cloud Backup Prospect

Posted by Cynthia Hart

Although marketing and sales are distinct business functions, there is much we can learn from each other. I'm always interested to see how sales people use branded messaging to reach out to prospects and clients, and what new messaging they are using on their own, which may resonate even more in the market. Sometimes the best market research is uncovered on a sales call!

Miller Heiman Sales SystemDuring the annual Asigra Cloud Backup™ Partner Summit last month, I sat in on a presentation called, "Sales Management Best Practices: Building a High Performance, World-class Sales Organization," which featured some of the sales methodology from Miller Heiman. Earlier in my career I attended a sales training and found it very useful – seeing marketing from a sales perspective makes you think differently and improve your marketing skills. Plus, as a new marketing employee at Asigra, I selfishly wanted to see the part about qualifying Asigra software prospects – at what point do they fit the "Ideal Customer Criteria (ICC)"?

The following factors to consider when looking at a prospect to determine if they are "ideal" are as follows:

  • They've Experienced Pain – for example, someone who recently suffered a data loss event and is looking to improve their backup. Whenever there is "pain", there is a desire to take action to make the pain go away.
  • They are Concerned About Security – cloud backup is widely thought of as insecure, but in fact, cloud backup is secure as long as encryption and third party certifications, such as NIST FIPS 140-2 certification, are achieved.
  • They are Frustrated – backup has historically been manual and error-prone. There are quite a few IT professionals out there looking for a way to mitigate their frustrations!
  • They are Already Considering Alternate Solutions – this is probably the best time to talk to someone because they're already out in the market, they see what's available, and if your product can offer them more, it will resonate much faster than if you were talking to someone who hadn't done their research.
  • The CIO or key decision-maker is already aware of cloud/SaaS – cloud backup is still relatively young, thus having a prospect that understands the cloud is key.

As a marketer, coming out of this session, I think about what materials I can help create to address prospects in each category. For example, perhaps thinking about a list of commonly faced pain points and creating case studies to match with problems/solutions.

Since attending the Summit, have you changed how you think about your sales prospects? How do you identify your "ideal prospect"?  What sales methodology does your organization leverage – are you Miller Heiman trained?

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