How Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Can Maintain Revenue and Relevance in the Cloud

Jun 2016

How Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Can Maintain Revenue and Relevance in the Cloud


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According to Gartner, by 2020, 50% of business users will employ cloud-based office systems. As customers shift their data and workloads to cloud platforms such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, Managed Service Providers can take advantage of this opportunity to drive revenue by offering services that address the growing need of managing data in the cloud.

There are many opportunities for MSPs in the cloud, the greatest being associated with data protection. The threat of data storedin the cloud can come in many forms such as viruses(CryptoLocker), unforeseen outages or accidental data loss events that can leave organizations feeling helpless. By being able to protect data, the lifeblood of organizations,you will be able to start the initial conversation which can help spark further discussions leading to new opportunities.

Take a look at this article to learn how offering cloud data protection services can help you:

  • Earn monthly recurring revenue
  • Realize business growth opportunities with new and existing customers
  • Provide a gateway to further discussions with customers

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