How the Consumerization of IT Impacts Service Providers

Aug 2011

How the Consumerization of IT Impacts Service Providers


If we can sum up technology in two words, those two words would have to be accelerated growth. Information Technology (IT) is constantly changing and advancing, by what seems to be gargantuan leaps and bounds.  Society is no longer wondering if something else will trump the “it” technology, all we want to know is how long we have to wait until it does.

With this rapid growth in technology, there is also very obviously a shift in how technology is being used and by whom — what the “experts” are calling the consumerization of IT. Basically, it is the introduction of consumer technologies and behaviors into corporate IT environments.

The consumerization of IT is not an entirely new term either. We started to see this shift when the laptop first emerged (a portable computer…what a fantastic phenomena) but evolution went one step further with the introduction of tablets and smart phones. People were now able to merge their work lives into their personal lives and vice versa. And so it began, the line between work and home began to blur. People began taking their work home with them and on-the-go, which meant the risk of losing that data skyrocketed (a godsend for us backup guys and gals).

In the majority of organizations, data from employee tablets and smart phones does not reside in the company’s data center. To stay in control of your organization’s corporate data footprint – from servers to desktops to laptops to mobile devices – organizations need to find a long term sustainable data protection strategy.

To learn why it is important for your customers to consider all the systems being used within their environment, the corporate data on these systems and the need for a solution that can backup critical corporate data from all these systems, read more about The Consumerization of IT and its Implications for Service Providers.

**Orginally posted as a Guest Post on the Talkin' Cloud website.**

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