How an Asigra Review on Glassdoor Made the Company a Better Place

Mar 2014

How an Asigra Review on Glassdoor Made the Company a Better Place

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

You may have heard of the review site If you haven’t, essentially it’s a website for current or formerAsigra Group employees of an organization to leave reviews and feedback about a company—its culture, salary, leadership, management style and more—mostly through an anonymous and safe outlet. If you ask me, the site has its merits. I myself have used the site to gain perspective on a potential employer and to hear it as it is, straight from the horse’s mouth. Of course, when considering a site like, one should at least consider that not all of the reviews are indicative of a company’s actual culture. Let’s take a look at how Asigra fares on the site.

Jay Baer on Radical Transparency

Recently I attended a seminar with Social Media expert and presenter Jay Baer, who during his talk on Youtility, discussed the idea of ‘radical transparency’. His message was that an organization that makes a genuine attempt at unveiling their ‘truths’ to the public, for all to see, are the ones that gain the most credibility. He illustrated his point when he brought up the recent McDonald’s Our Food Your Questions campaign. In this campaign McDonalds made an authentic attempt to address many outstanding questions that the public had about their food, including addressing many urban myths. This campaign was considered a huge success for McDonalds, and in addition to a better educated customer, they also saw their sales increase. So with that being said, let’s take an attempt at being radically transparent about Asigra’s review on Glassdoor.

Asigra’s Culture is a Vital Component to our Success

It would be easy for us to dismiss the reviews on and leave them unacknowledged. And if the company didn’t care about company culture, it would do just that. In fact, the company cares so much that we look at the feedback on a site like Glassdoor, and we do our best to implement real changes for the better. For that reason, Glassdoor serves a purpose. We’re not a perfect company among the likes of behemoths Microsoft, SAP or Google, but instead we’re the smaller champion in the pursuit of becoming a global software leader in enterprise cloud backup. And we’re making progress. Indeed, we’re a work in progress.

In fact, in a single gesture just last year, the upper management at Asigra awarded all staff with an extra week of vacation, raising our minimum standard, with increased employee benefit spend, and much more. A lot of those implementations were from direct feedback from influences like Glassdoor. With that said, there is always room for improvement.

Here are some hard truths about working at Asigra:

  • You will work hard: in fact during our annual summit and during software releases you will put in some tough hours. But during the down times, you’re work-life balance will be restored. This is a common theme you’ll see in the IT sector.
  • There’s no private chef: Although we would love to accommodate everyone in the company with a free lunch or the types of luxuries you would find at a place like Google (20% time, nap pods, exuberant office decor), you won’t find that here. Instead, we value compensating our employees instead of spending on an externality.
  • The demands are high: we have high expectations of all of our employees to perform and demonstrate results. Those expectations are met through a compensation package and annual review program. The cloud backup software industry is competitive but if you perform well you will be rewarded equally.

The Unspoken Masses

It’s usually the case that on a site like Glassdoor or even Yelp, we hear from the disgruntled. It’s human nature to vent when we’re upset about something or find injustice in a product or a company. But it’s not always the case that we hear from the people who are proud of where they work. To be honest, many employees at Asigra are unaware of and don’t realize that a positive review could provide a more balanced perspective about the company. One of our own marketing specialists almost didn’t join Asigra because of the review site, but she reconsidered when the VP of Marketing, openly invited her to come in, and meet the team. After that, she joined the team and has been with us for the past two years!

Consider This

There are a lot of proud, smart people that work diligently at Asigra. Many of them developers, IT specialists, financial experts, sales and marketing gurus, who all work and interact with a management team who provide them with personal growth opportunities. There are pros and there are cons to working here and like any company and/or relationship, you will have to decide for yourself if that’s for you. We believe that we’re making changes for the betterment of the company. And the opportunity exists, for you to come in, and make that change yourself.

Take a look at our recent career opportunities and let’s talk.

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