Helping Support the Asigra Partner Ecosystem

Aug 2011

Helping Support the Asigra Partner Ecosystem

Posted by Bonnie Malec

The Asigra Partner Ecosystem is a thriving community of Cloud Backup professionals, Powered by Asigra and often engaged in open discussion about market trends, sharing advice and best practices all working towards one common goal – taking data to the Cloud!  

It’s important for us at Asigra to support our partners and prospective end-users in reaching their goals. We often use a consultative approach to guide them in the right direction and we undertake a process to ensure we can effectively meet their needs and facilitate the right introductions.  Whether discussions are with an end user looking to host their data with an Asigra powered managed service provider  (MSP) or if we are speaking with an interested MSP who would like to consult with other MSPs on how and why they got into the business of Cloud Backup, all require an assessment of needs and ultimately a quality introduction to an Asigra Partner.

Recently, a large global firm came to us looking for help to find an Asigra Service Provider. We carefully assessed their specific needs and requirements and were able to facilitate an introduction with one of our partners who was able to meet the challenges of providing Managed Backup Cloud Services to a company whose data was spread across the globe in 30 different locations in 11 different countries. This is what a small/medium or enterprise customer can expect when they’re looking for an Asigra service provider. We work hard to match businesses with MSPs who have the specific experience and track record necessary to meet the needs of every end-user.

We are also often approached by MSP’s who are seeking to add Cloud Backup to their repertoire of Managed Services and are unsure of why, when, and how they can best get into this rapidly evolving business.  After a few brief discussions with an existing Asigra Partner, what they may have originally viewed as an arduous project soon starts to unfold with greater clarity. We enjoy consulting our new MSPs with information based on our own industry experiences, but in addition we also find value in facilitating introductions within  our Partner community so they can learn from their peer’s experience.

Some of the most common asked questions include:

  • How do I price this service?
  • What configuration and brand of hardware do I need to purchase?
  • I don’t have a datacenter, where can I host my customers’ data?
  • Where can I replicate my DS-System?

(The DS System is the collector of the data from all machines, drives, applications and systems on the end customers LAN)

These are all basic questions and our partner community is happy to engage with other MSPs new to backup to offer guidance and support.  It’s not uncommon that as a result of these discussions a strategic relationship may unfold so we view these introductions as a win-win for all.

The Asigra Global Ecosystem is comprised of Cloud professionals who are technically astute and are well versed on all aspects of Cloud Backup including how to sell, market and architect Cloud Backup Services that best suit the needs of their customers.

If you’re thinking about adding Cloud Backup to your managed services, I encourage you to download “How to Choose a Cloud Backup Platform” – it will help you identify what you should be looking for.

Also, please feel free to reach out to us and we can put you in direct contact with an MSP who has a business similar to your own and can provide you with some recommendations and insight! 

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