Gestalt IT – Tech Field Day Experience

Dec 2010

Gestalt IT – Tech Field Day Experience

Posted by Larry Bourgeois in Featured

I wanted to write this for quite some time but I have been “crazy busy” with work and celebrating Thanksgiving with family. I cannot believe that it has now been over two weeks since I returned from California where we presented the Asigra product and technology to a group of thought leaders and bloggers.

They were gathered for Tech field Day, a wonderful event hosted by Stephen Foskett and an organization named Gestalt IT. I had a great time and want to thank Stephen and everyone else who helped make it a success. What a fantastic opportunity this was for Asigra. I hope we get the chance to do it again in the future.

The event started with an evening reception at Club Auto Sport in San Jose. There, Asigra’s Corporate Marketing Director, Amrita Chandra and I met the analysts and bloggers I would be presenting to the next day. We enjoyed good food and company along with the opportunity to view some fine automobiles on display.

Next day, Amrita and I had the opportunity to present the Asigra solution and technology in a highly interactive session. Everyone seemed to be genuinely interested in hearing about Asigra - our company, our history, and all the technical details of our product.

At the beginning of the presentation, most everyone said they had never before heard of Asigra. Now several people want the chance to take the software for a spin to check out the features and functionality.

Similarly, I must admit that I had not heard of Gestalt IT before the event. It is an organization made up of independent industry thought leaders, analysts, and bloggers that come together with the purpose of bettering the IT world.

Here is a snapshot from their website,

What is the Gestalt?

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
What is the best practice for modern IT infrastructure? That can be difficult to decide, especially when the interests of vendors of hardware, software, and services are involved. IT professionals are constantly bombarded by messages and products, so it can be tough to know who to trust.

The best move is to rely on the gestalt: the sum of the best sources of independent input.
That’s the idea behind Gestalt IT: We are collecting the best analysis and commentary from leaders in the fields of virtualization, networking, storage, and desktop engineering.

Who we are

Gestalt IT is maintained by a group of individuals with differing backgrounds but a common focus on enabling the best in IT infrastructure solutions. We work in end-user consulting, integration services, and in-house IT organizations. Although occasional hardware or software vendor-focused content may appear, all posts are reviewed for balance and quality by our editorial staff.

Spice IT Email Post

Hi Larry - We thoroughly

Hi Larry - We thoroughly enjoyed listening to your presentation at #TechFieldDay! It was a great finale to the event!
~Bill (TFD4 Delegate)

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