Gartner's technology predictions for 2013 and how Asigra partners are well poised to win

Feb 2013

Gartner's technology predictions for 2013 and how Asigra partners are well poised to win

Posted by Pavan Vyas

Prediction GraphI recently had the opportunity to attend a local Gartner briefing relating to the top predictions for 2013. The session aimed at providing an insight into the major technology focus areas for chief information officers. The briefing covered a number of subjects. One of the central messages was related to the technology choices that service providers need to make to remain successful. We at Asigra are heartened to see that we have been ahead of the curve in anticipating a number of these changes; and that Asigra partners can approach their customers with confidence in the year. Why do I say so?

Gartner believes that by 2014, market consolidation will displace more than 20% of the top 100 IT services providers. Only companies that have invested in technologies such as cloud computing will survive. For a service provider to remain successful, they must have made the right bets in technologies that Gartner calls the Nexus factors – mobile, social, cloud, and big data.

Asigra's ability to support the backup and recovery of all devices in the enterprise including laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones across the wide range of operating systems and platforms is a key enabler of a mobile service provision strategy. As BYOD becomes more popular and enterprises look for secure and effective solutions towards protecting corporate data while embracing the diversity of devices in the environment, a software and hardware agnostic solution that supports all devices and platforms will be essential. That's where Asigra partners will have an edge over others.

As enterprises embrace the cloud, a cloud-ready solution which can offer enterprise class security and scalability while offering the flexibility of all cloud deployment models – private, public, and hybrid with the ability to federate across and migrate between them will be critical. Again, Asigra partners will benefit from the flexibility and cloud readiness of the Asigra software platform. In addition, the ability to backup from and restore to external cloud platforms such as SaaS and PaaS infrastructures will be critical. Again, Asigra's cloud-to-cloud features will provide unique value.

As Big Data becomes a more real and widely accepted phenomenon, the ability to quickly and effectively backup and restore large data sets will be critical. The integration of snapshot functionality in the platform and the ability of the Asigra snapshot manager to help manage, catalog, and schedule snapshot based data protection from within the Asigra interface helps accelerate big data readiness for the enterprise.

In short, Asigra partners already have the tools to boldly approach and take on the requirements that enterprises will face in 2013.

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