The Future of Backup Pricing and Its Effect on the Storage Market

Jan 2014

The Future of Backup Pricing and Its Effect on the Storage Market

Posted by Ani Yildirim in Cloud Backup

Years ago, pricing for backups was based on the number of clients you wanted to back up. Then it changed to theTrueBitTV number of servers. Today, we're familiar with capacity-based licensing. But, in the era of Big Data, the traditional pricing models that currently dominate the cloud backup and recovery software market are becoming démodé and unsustainable.

“So, what's next? Is it time for a different model?” asks independent backup and recovery expert W. Curtis Preston. To find the answer, Preston recently spoke to Eran Farajun, EVP of Asigra about:

  • The evolution of backup software licensing and what's on the horizon
  • A new licensing model based on data recovery and why it is unique
  • Data recovery analytics that empower storage and backup admins

Watch webinar: Stop Paying for Data Backups!

Eran and Preston discuss a new way to pay for backup and recovery based on actual recovery usage. The result is a fair, transparent and predictable pricing model for backup and recovery that provides enterprises with immediate savings of up to 40% and up to 70% over time, with tools to better track and improve data recovery.

Watch the webinar

See how much your organization can save on its overall backup and recovery costs with Asigra’s Recovery License Model Calculator.

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