Forrester Market Overview: Enterprise-Class Backup and Recovery Software

Dec 2010

Forrester Market Overview: Enterprise-Class Backup and Recovery Software

Posted by Amrita Chandra

Forrester Research has recently published its 2010 Market Overview on Enterprise-Class Backup and Recovery, in which it outlines key functionality that customers should look for when selecting a solution.  In the report’s preamble, the authors say “With dozens of providers, a laundry list of technical features, and the constantly changing landscape, it’s no wonder that many infrastructure and operations professionals would rather take a trip to the dentist than replace their aging backup infrastructure.”

One would assume those professionals will also not be eager to do it again in a couple of years. Although the report does give some attention to traditional tape backup, the underlying theme appears to be “look ahead” – so you won’t have to visit the dentist again soon.”

Of fourteen leading vendors profiled, Asigra stands out as the only product that performs backups without using an agent inside each machine – an important feature that improves hardware performance and minimizes maintenance time and service interruptions.

Only six providers, including Asigra, made Forrester’s recommended list for enterprise data center deployment, where the emphasis is on scalability and performance.

While Asigra covers the bases on established features required by enterprise customers, it positively shines in Forrester’s scorecards for emerging features:

  • Source and target-based deduplication for PC, remote offices, and virtual servers
  • Virtual machine backups with low overhead
  • Operational and disaster recovery (Continuous Data Protection and Replication)
  • Restore options (Block/image level, file/generation level, and email message level)
  • Disk to disk to cloud
  • Archiving and data management

The following quotes from the “Future” section of the Forrester report represent a number of trends, all of which bode well for Asigra’s trajectory in the BURR market:

  • “… enterprises are finally making decisive moves about backup, away from tape and toward disk and eventually the cloud.”
  • “… when enterprises were asked what storage workloads they planned to move to the cloud, the most common response was the archive.”
  • “… what was once considered a backup solution is now more akin to a unified continuity and recovery management suite.”

Asigra is offering complimentary copies of this report, a value of $499.  Get your copy here.

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Nice piece, great to see the

Nice piece, great to see the overview of the Forrester report - There is a good intro webinar to backup technologies here: for those who aren't familiar with the benefits of Backup and DR with Asigra.

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