A fly on the wall

Jan 2010

A fly on the wall



Those of you who know me well know that I’m a very inquisitive guy. I very much enjoy being a fly on the wall while listening to a nearby conversation that could potentially add some comedic value to my day.

I was on the commuter train early last month going to lovely downtown Toronto and became a fly to an IT conversation. It seemed as though the two gentlemen that were talking were mid-level IT management that were facing challenges with something that I talk about every day. You guessed it, backup and recovery. Their conversation revolved around the removal of tape from their environment and replacing it with disk, both for primary and long term archival. There were even talks of them archiving it off to the cloud. Raised my eyebrows as I immediately classified them as early mass adopters of the cloud computing explosion.

Rather than go into more lengthy detail of how their conversation evolved, it made me think about how I enjoy hearing the day to day challenges that IT people face, and why I like working from the solutions side of things to solve the pain points.

So I’ve compiled a short list of topics and the ultimate goal is to get your feedback. Comment and elaborate on the topics below. Create your own and fill us all in.

Do you:

- have a heavy reliance on backups?

- have the inability to consistently test and verify backup integrity?

- have outright backup failure?

- have poor or incomplete backups?

- have too many incremental backups?

- have too many full backups stored on tape offsite?

- have age and deterioration of media?

- have dated technology that cannot support the onslaught of data?

- have point solutions proving to be time consuming and ineffective in protecting your distributed network.

- have challenges with your current backup/recovery infrastructure and cannot support ongoing regulations being set forth?

- not have the ability to replicate data securely off-site?

This is just the stepping stone, and again, we want to hear from you.


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