Five Benefits of Attending the Annual Asigra Partner Summit

Jun 2014

Five Benefits of Attending the Annual Asigra Partner Summit

Posted by Tracy Staniland

The 2014 Asigra Partner Summit is an annual event that attracts the brightest and the best of the Asigra partner community.Asigra Partner Summit Year after year, Asigra partners gain the opportunity to network amongst each other and participate in a one of a kind event focused exclusively around the Cloud Backup and Recovery Industry. We put together five of the main benefits our partners gain by attending the summit. Not to mention, free admission for partners makes the event something worth considering.

  1. Education. The Partner Summit provides Asigra Partners a platform to find out “what’s new” with Asigra whether that be new product features, new sales and marketing programs, new pricing models, or new programs that enable partners to improve their margins and increase their recurring revenue opportunities. It also provides Partners with the opportunity to hear from other Partners through case study and testimonial presentations. And the Hands-on Lab is like an interactive product roadmap providing Partners with a first-hand glimpse into yet to be released product features.
  2. Inspiration. Imagine sitting in a room of like-minded successful entrepreneurs for two days with the opportunity to discuss shared trials and tribulations along with accomplishments. Discussions range from recurring revenue compensation plans, inbound vs. outbound marketing successes or failures, how to generate quality sales leads, go to market strategies, hiring the right sales and technical talent, where to find this talent – these are just some of the topics that can be discussed CEO to CEO or Head of Cloud Services to Head of Cloud Services.
  3. Great conversation. My favourite aspect of the Summit is being able to engage on a personal basis with our Partners from all around the world to hear about their challenges, issues and accomplishments within each of their respective markets – whether it be geographic or cultural or specific vertical market issues. The Summit provides every Asigra Partner with the opportunity hear first hand from other Partners how they have developed better programs that enable them to capture more business and strengthen their value proposition to be more competitive.
  4. Networking, Networking and More Networking. The camaraderie within the Asigra Partner ecosystem is very unique and like no other. The Partner Summit provides a forum for Partners to share their respective stories – whether they are about wins or losses or how they crushed our collective competition. To see the peer to peer networking in action is awesome.
  5. Fun. All work and no play makes for a very dull day. So we have built into the agenda numerous networking opportunities whether it is the welcome reception, the cocktail reception and awards dinner, the Birds of Feather lunch or the World Backup Games offsite event. There is something for everyone.

And best of all the Partner Summit provides the Partners and Asigra with the opportunity to discuss how we can do business more effectively together to find those synergies that enable everyone to accelerate within the market.

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