Enterprising Endeavors – Thinking Beyond the SMB Market

Jun 2012

Enterprising Endeavors – Thinking Beyond the SMB Market

Posted by Tracy Staniland

Approaching the enterprise as a viable customer is unthinkable for my small businesses. They don't know where to start, they don't know who to contact, and they are unfamiliar with navigating the often maze-line enterprise landscape. Consequently.

We assembled a great panel that included three of our partners that have realized success in the enterprise market with Asigra Cloud Backup. The panelists included:

  • Simon Chappell, Chief Executive Officer, Backup Technology Ltd
  • Gayle Rose, Chief Executive Officer, Electronic Vaulting Services
  • Yasser Wassef, Executive Vice President, The Harding Group

While the risks of doing business in the enterprise are greater, so are the rewards. Once a relationship has been established with an Enterprise customer, more doors open for future enterprise relationships. 

Below are two of the key messages that stood out:

The Consultative Sell

Sell the benefits instead of features – the biggest budgets are controlled from the executive offices, not the data center. And CIOs are interested in saving time and money, reducing risk, and gaining competitive advantage - not speeds and feeds. Companies view business units and their information needs as more critical than general IT, especially when they're tied to revenue generation.

Managed Service Providers must focus on creating a vision of the end result of employing the service will look like – improved productivity, cost avoidance, reduced risk of data lost and better decision making. There are just some of the reasons why IT organizations will be interested in choosing your cloud backup offering.

Gayle Rose mentioned that it is important to have a visionary at the organization you're selling into that can assist you with moving forward in the sale cycle.

Get Ahead of the Buying Decision

By becoming a part of the planning and design phase, savvy cloud backup service providers can get ahead of the buying decision – this is where provider and customer work as partners. Service provider can help to not only influence the decisions about what type of service to deploy, but also provide project management and consulting services, which in turn gives them greater influence over the decision making process.

It is important to create a value proposition on your ability to architect, implement and support what has historically been a complex process – at least one that's more complex than the user wants (or is able) to deal with.

Many enterprises are not only large, but complex, with disparate locations around the world. Starting at a lower level as a means of proving competence and confidence will help to gain further buy-in, allowing you to further sell into the organization – there is never an opportunity to small in the enterprise.

The Asigra Partner Summit is a part of the Asigra Hybrid Partner Program, just one of the opportunities throughout the year for partners to access the educations sessions and networking opportunities to help them grow their cloud backup businesses.

To learn more about the benefits of partnering with Asigra, please access the "Get Powered by Asigra" brochure.

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