Enterprises Are Embracing The Cloud For Backup And Recovery

Jun 2012

Enterprises Are Embracing The Cloud For Backup And Recovery

Posted by Gregory Devine

66 percent of enterprises are considering using cloud backup, according to a survey conducted by TechValidate on behalf of Asigra.

This stat might seem a bit startling, especially given the commonly held perception that large companies are firmly entrenched in their ways and slow to adopt new technologies.  We've seen enterprises turn to the cloud for CRM and other applications, but the general sentiment, with a few exceptions, has been that large organizations are shying away from using the cloud for backup and recovery.

Majority Considering Cloud Backup

However, as 59 percent of the survey respondents pointed out, the increasingly large amounts of data that companies need to protect is a business driver to modernize current backup and recovery procedures. We've seen the amount of data skyrocket over the last few years, and the larger the company, the larger the amount of data it has. Astute CIOs and IT Managers know that in the case of a data loss event, recovering critical data would be crucial, and the more data you have, the more difficult that becomes. Of the survey respondents, 54 percent cited faster recovery times as a motivator in updating their current backup procedures.

Business Drivers for Backup Modernization

The survey, conducted over a two week period, collected responses from executives and managers of IT departments of some of the largest organizations from around  the world. The respondents cut across industries, such as energy, retail, manufacturing and the public sector.

So what's been keeping these IT executives and managers up at night, at least when it comes to backup and recovery?Their concerns split almost evenly across four categories. When asked the question: What's Your Biggest Concern About Backup and Recovery Today? 23 percent said they are concerned about faster recovery times, while 25 percent were worried about keeping the backup data secure and protected. 25 percent were concerned about the reliability of backup and recovery, and 25 percent were troubled by affordability.

Concerns about Backup/Recovery

These concerns are propelling enterprises to update their current backup and modernization procedures quicker than one would expect. 62 percent of the respondents said they are considering a new approach to backup and recovery in the next 12 to 18 months, giving lie to the notion that enterprises are slow to move towards new technology.

Majority Considering a New Approach to Backup/Data Recovery

So why are enterprises turning towards cloud backup and recovery?

Simply put, it makes a lot of sense. A large organization needs to manage and protect a massive amount of data in order to maintain day-to-day operations. A data-loss event could be catastrophic for an enterprise, as the longer the data remains unrecovered, the longer the threat to profitability. Traditional approaches to backup and recovery have their advantages, but what cloud backup gives you is the peace of mind knowing that the backups are stored in a safe location. Cloud backup and recovery also allows you to restore on the individual file level, making recovery much easier. It's encouraging to see that a majority of enterprises are turning to the cloud for backup and recovery, and this trend will undoubtedly continue.

For more information on how to backup your enterprise's data to the cloud, please click here to connect with a Powered by Asigra Service Provider who can help you develop a comprehensive backup and recovery plan.

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