Do You Have a Backup Story?

Dec 2011

Do You Have a Backup Story?

Posted by Vanessa Garvin

Would you enjoy writing an article that will be seen by literally hundreds of people every month? Why not submit an article to Asigra? Many people write high quality articles and have tons of knowledge to share, but don’t have as many people reading their work as they would like. Asigra is offering our Hybrid Partners the ability to submit and promote their articles in our corporate newsletter. You can submit an article and have a plethora of SMBs and Enterprises worldwide reading your article and being exposed to your brand.

The benefits of submitting articles for publication in the Asigra Cloud Backup Newsletter:

Free advertising

People who read your article and enjoy what you have to say will want to read more about your company. People will seek out more information about your company, Google you, and even tweet about your article. You will not only have individuals within your company tweeting about articles, but Asigra and Asigra followers as well!

Boost your personal and business credibility

Publishing articles in Asigra’s Cloud Backup newsletter, or any newsletter aside from your own, can boost your credibility and position you as a thought leader within the industry. It shows that people trust what you are writing about and want to see what you have to say.

Drive traffic to your website

This alone gives you an opportunity to drive business that you wouldn’t otherwise have direct access to.  

Software License Discounts

By working on an article for Asigra’s cloud backup newsletter, not only will you gain exposure for your company, it will also be counted towards receiving a license discount on Asigra software.

*See Hybrid Partner Program within the Hybrid Partner Portal for additional details

Generate sales and leads
Your article can include your company name, website address, and contact information like your email address to allow potential interested parties to contact you.

Exposure to SMB/Enterprises Worldwide

We have hundreds and hundreds of subscribers to our Cloud Backup newsletter, so by contributing your voice to the newsletter you will create more visibility and awareness of your company as a respected Asigra partner to end users who may be currently considering cloud backup services.

Have a great article or idea? Email us at to secure a featured article in the next issue of Asigra’s Cloud Backup newsletter.

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