Do we have a "suite" deal for you!

May 2012

Do we have a "suite" deal for you!


The Asigra Cloud Backup Partner Summit is only 13 days away and we’ve got a special thank you for one lucky 2012 Summit registrant.  This year we are upgrading one member from our partner community to a suite and it could be you!  Versatile, spacious and uniquely appointed, the suites create environments perfect for relaxing after a long day of educational sessions, networking and fun!

The suite will include a moderate sized sitting area, LCD flat screen television, a King size Sheraton Sweet Sleeper™ Bed with a plush mattress, luxe white linens and a cozy duvet and spectacular views of Toronto. 

How to Enter:


  • Comment on this contest post about “why you should receive a suite upgrade”.


  • The winner will be drawn on Friday June 1st @ 12:00PM ET and announced via Asigra’s Blog as well as Twitter/Facebook accounts.
  • The winner must be willing to provide us with a couple of photos during the event.
  • The winner must be willing to conduct an interview with Asigra on their experience at the Asigra Partner Summit. The content from this will be turned into marketing materials including but not limited to a blog post, testimonial etc.
  • This contest is for an upgrade from a traditional hotel room to a suite. The upgrade will be covered by Asigra – the winner must still pay the cost equal to the traditional hotel room.

So, Partner Summit 2012 attendees, why should you receive a suite upgrade?

Spice IT Email Post

13th June is my birthday, I

13th June is my birthday, I will miss my bed and my family, plus I never went outside of my country, never went to a luxury hotel. Our company started selling pizzas to become an Asigra partner, and from that small humbled point in the bottom of all the forgotten places in the world, we put the name Asigra in to the top. We participate in the contest "young entrepreneur of the nation" making known the name Asigra throughout the country, tv,radio, papers and magazines, in a place where the word backup never existed. We are the smallest partner of Asigra, but so, the biggest promise in a big virgin market, LA. This travel is for me, the mayor adventure of my entire life. This is special, unique, I'm so exited to enjoy this travel and live the biggest experience of my life, that I believe that always could be better. I can't believe that in a few minutes my Plane will be taking off, this is magical and emotive, I never travel in a plane. I really feel proud to be part of the Asigra Family and to have this oportunity, now I'm traveling to meet them all. To give an end to this words, it will be good to have my own bed to sleep in this event, because we are 3 partners making a tremendous effort to travel, and we have to share beds in the room hotel. I just dont care about the luxury, i´m only interested in have my own bed to be really happy. :)

I am a partner for Asigra in

I am a partner for Asigra in the new geography and have developed good business for Asigra in this part of the Globe. I think I deserve to enjoy the suite.

Asigra saved the day! A few

Asigra saved the day! A few months ago one of our clients had a domain controller fail and for whatever reason their secondary DC decided not to act as a DC when it was most needed. After many long days and at least one "all nighter" we were able to restore all domain services by performing a bare-metal system state restore to a freshly built virtual machine. If it were not for Asigra the entire domain would have needed to be rebuilt! Not a fun scenario when it involves Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, etc... Thanks Asigra!

I just want a better suite.

I just want a better suite.

By the way, another reason

By the way, another reason that I should get this upgrade is that I am really the smallest half-Irish, half-Japanese Partner and, it's really the "small guy" who never gets the benefits (right, Simon?) So if you consider the Hotel Laws in the USA regarding "unlawful relative sizing of dormatory quarters", there is a clear requirement that us "undersized" folk should really have disproportionately larger rooms in order to compensate for our size. Of course, Toronto is not in the USA but, really, if you think about it, we really are one BIG country - yeah, two different entities and different currencies and different laws and different cultures and different philosophies ... yeah, but, hey, really, c'mon, should that really stop us from being brothers under the same "North American" roof? So, ok, maybe the Hotel Laws are a little more relaxed in Canada but this is really more of a human rights issue.

Additionally, if you really read this posting closer, it will be clear that it is written with a Canadian accent. Pretty impressive, eh?

I think the person, or rather

I think the person, or rather people, who deserve it the most are those Asigra employees who are working the butts off during the summit, they no doubt get up very early and get to bed very late, only to help us. I don't think I deserve it anymore than any other partner, but someone's gotta win in the end :)

I like how this sounds :)

I like how this sounds :)

Does the suite come with an

Does the suite come with an XBOX and Call of Duty for that flat screen? Just kidding...

However, I will throw a nice little party, I mean "get together" for other Asigra partners in the suite. ¡Mi casa su casa!

Well being written up over

Well being written up over the years as the busiest man in backup I am sure to need a nice rest once there, and besides where better to network with all my partners.

See you all soon.

do you cloud?

Why we should receive a

Why we should receive a suite, amendment:

What better way to "Recover Your Cool" after an inspiring, knowledge filled day!


Why we should receive a suite

Why we should receive a suite upgrade.

While all Asigra Partners are deserving (with Jennifer pulling our "Mom" heart strings, lol), we at DSC believe a random drawing is probably best. 1 chance for each person attending..., we happen to have 4 employees attending :)

The suite will be a great way to network with other partners and Asigra team members.

I look forward to entertaining everyone in my upgraded suite.


I think the winner should be

I think the winner should be someone who can truly appreciate such an upgrade. As a person with an ever improving taste in hotel stays, this would be a sweet heist! Plus I could impress my wife!

A Very Sweet Suite For

A Very Sweet Suite For Sure

Well who could deny the fact that a Luxury Suite would be very sweet indeed, not me for sure. The upgrade is another very generous offer from the Asigra team and a perfect way to relax at the end of a busy day. Reading the comments from the other participants it’s going to be a tough job deciding who wins, my only hope is that the winner will be drawn from a hat and I the lucky one. It’s sure to be a great few days and I’m really looking forward to my first Asigra summit. Good Luck to everyone and remember If you do win to at least invite the rest of us up for a drink.

This will be by second visit

This will be by second visit to Canada and my first visit to the partner summit.

I don't know that I deserve the upgrade more than anyone else, but I will say that I think my coworker Scott is most deserving. He's a very hard worker and could probably use the extra luxury.

Certainly, I am a very LARGE

Certainly, I am a very LARGE person - larger than most half-Japanese, half-Irish partners. Seriously, if you poll all the half-Japanese, half-Irish Asigra partners, you'll find that I really am the widest, tallest, and have the greatest girth of all of them. So that alone would normally warrant a "suite" upgrade. Putting such a large person as myself in a normal room is not permitted in many U.S. states - unfortunately for me, Canada does not have the same Hotel Laws as the USA. Additionally, I've been working for the past two months on my Canadian accent - I now say, "abewt" instead of "about".

Incidentally, while in Toronto, I've agreed to do a case study, Gartner panel discussion, video interview, and a Gartner Mobile Device Initiative review ... and, last year, I even sent a video prior to last year's conference (just ask David & Eran) ... so if I don't get this deal, I may have to send another video.

So ... there ya go ... if that doesn't get me a "suite deal", what possibly could?

I'm supposed to comment on

I'm supposed to comment on this blog post about “why I should receive a suite upgrade”. Honestly, Asigra has some great partners and I'm no more deserving of this "sweet" upgrade than anyone else. Best of luck to everyone who submits their comments!

Thus far, my experience with

Thus far, my experience with Asigra has been nothing but spectacular.
The members of the Asigra team I've had the opportunity to work with have been very friendly and more than willing to help with any issues I've had along the way.

This will be my first trip to the Asigra summit as well as my first trip to Canada.
While I'm already expecting this to be a very informative and memorable trip, it's always the little things that make the experience stand out. Small gestures such as this giveaway are a terrific way to build upon the already great foundation Asigra has to offer when it comes to client appreciation.

I couldnt resist applying!

I couldnt resist applying! As a CEO of a fast growing company (we are having our best year ever) as well as a full time working mom of a fantastic 20 month old - I could really use some extra comfort while I'm away!

Looking forward to seeing all of you!

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