Did you check out CSP Community, yet?

Mar 2013

Did you check out CSP Community, yet?

Posted by Zaid Rasid

CSPcommunityMSPexcellence is launching a new community called CSPcommunity.com, a site dedicated to Cloud Service providers. The community will include a comprehensive collection of education materials, modeling tools and strategic planning methodologies all compiled into an interactive and engaging environment for learning, discussion and results-driven execution.

Asigra has partnered with CSPcommunity.com and our very own Eran Farajun had the opportunity to conduct an educational session on cloud backup service delivery options as part of the official launch. Eran's presentation covered the differences between cloud backup service brokers and providers and offers business advice for companies considering entry into offering cloud backup services. The webinar which is part of an extensive assortment of free content available to cloud service providers on CSPcommunity.com is available here:

How to Eliminate the Business Risks of Becoming a Cloud Backup Services Provider

For more details about the CSP Community launch, visit our website and read the full release:


Make sure you follow @cspcommunity on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest cloud service provider news and trends.

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