Demystifying Cloud Series: Tough Questions for Determining Your Backup and Recovery Needs

Dec 2012

Demystifying Cloud Series: Tough Questions for Determining Your Backup and Recovery Needs

Posted by Heather Peters

As an SMB or enterprise, to determine your needs and requirements for cloud computing you need to ask yourself 7 tough questions:

  • Ownership: Do I need to own the cloud platform I am storing in -public vs. private vs. hybrid (public & private) cloud ownership?
  • Responsibility: Do I want to manage my own data or do I want to pay a vendor to store and recover it for me?
  • IT Staff: Do I have the internal resources to support and maintain my backups, upgrades and platforms or do I require external coverage?
  • BYOD: Do you need to protect data on mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones?
  • Internal or external hosting: Do multiple developers and external contracts need to have access and interact with the development process of my data?
  • Accessing Technology: Do I have the ability to recover my data or do I need a third party vendor to ensure it is recoverable?
  • Payment: Do I prefer fixed cost of annual payment or fluctuating cost of Pay as you go plans

Once you've answered these hard questions, you should also determine what type of software platform a service provider's cloud backup service runs on and how it best suits your business.  The technology the service provider uses to power your cloud backup service has to be the right fit for you in terms of implementation and ongoing management of the solution. Also, you want to make sure the platform provides you with the flexibility to change cloud deployment models as your business needs grow and expand. For a full assessment of the requirements to be met in a cloud backup service provider, download How to Choose a Cloud Backup Service Provider.

About the Demystifying Cloud Series: As a recent hire of Asigra, Heather Peters, Marketing Communications Coordinator is attempting to research and wrap her head around the terms and acronyms surrounding cloud computing. Tune in monthly to our blog, The Cloud Backup Blog, and corporate newsletter to follow her series and learnings.

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