Demystifying Cloud Series: How is the ROI of my business affected by cloud backup?

Feb 2013

Demystifying Cloud Series: How is the ROI of my business affected by cloud backup?

Posted by Heather Peters

Mondy, Time, QualityCloud backup offers you a cost savings solution to lower costs while managing your operating expenses. All businesses can be more cost effective and manage their assets better as a result of utilizing cloudbackup. Below are just some of the costs that can be reduced as a result of using the cloud:

  • IT Staffing: Less IT staff is needed to maintain your backup and recovery solution if you are utilizing the cloud backup services offered by a Service Provider or your trusted IT consultant. Enabling your IT team to focus on more strategic initiatives and also concentrate on providing proactive corporate assistance.
  • Cost of Ownership: You do not have to invest in new infrastructure or license new software if backup and recovery is outsourced to a trusted it consultant or managed service provider. Your investment costs are lower as a result.
  • Utilities: Since your data is stored in your service provider or trusted IT consultant's vault which is outsourced you are not incurring additional hardware and infrastructure required therefore the amount of utilities used is reduced as well as your overall costs. Your company's carbon footprint is reduced.

Another aspect of increasing your ROI is increasing your revenue on your initial investment. Cloud backup can also help your business improve its bottom line. It allows you to increase three areas of your business:

  1. Productivity – Since backup and recovery is outsourced, staff can be reallocated to focus on their primary job responsibilities allowing for a high rate of job productivity from them.
  2. Recoverability - In the event of a business outage or data loss event, you can recover your data faster and easier with an automated solution like cloud backup as you no longer have to find the tapes or wait for tapes to be delivered that were stored offsite. Also if you are using a solution powered by Asigra you are provided with recovery assurance that can meet your recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives. Enabling your business is able to resume to maximum efficiency sooner ensuring that productivity is restored ASAP eliminating excess time and money spent on recovering data.
  3. Increased Margin – By making more use of the same resources/investments, companies are able to improve their economies of scale (supply vs. demand) leading to an increase in sales. As the importance and value of corporate data grows, it is important to have a backup and recovery strategy that is cost effective and improves the ROI of your business.

Asigra provides several solutions that allow you to keep costs low and provides you with a safe and effective backup solution for your present and future requirements. Read How to Future-Proof Data Backup and Recovery to learn more about how Asigra can help you.

About the Demystifying Cloud Series: As a recent hire of Asigra, Heather Peters, Marketing Communications Coordinator is attempting to research and wrap her head around the terms and acronyms surrounding cloud computing. Tune in monthly to our blog, The Cloud Backup Blog, and corporate newsletter to follow her series and learnings.

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