Demystifying Cloud Series: Common Terms Surrounding Cloud Backup

Jan 2013

Demystifying Cloud Series: Common Terms Surrounding Cloud Backup

Posted by Heather Peters

There are a lot of terms surrounding cloud backup that baffle those new to the industry. To settle some of the confusion, we have put together a post to review and define some common terms.

GlobeThere are three kinds of deployments in the cloud: private, public and hybrid. Your needs tend to dictate the type of deployment your organization goes with. You can possess a private cloud that is uniquely yours, residing behind your firewall should security be a concern of yours. Or, you can use a public cloud that resides in a service provider's data center. Alternatively, you can use a hybrid cloud; a combination of a public and a private cloud – which could look like your data residing in-house and being replicated offsite to a service provider.

When you are storing your data in the cloud, there are 3 things you can do to protect it and guarantee it is accessible when you need it: encryption; deduplication and replication. When you encrypt your data you transform the presentation of the data and make it unreadable to outsiders. By deduplicating your data you are compressing it and eliminating duplicate copies of repeated data saving you backup space and money. Finally, by replicating your data you are creating a second copy of it that resides offsite and can be accessed in the event of a disaster at your primary data backup location.

To further understand these terms, and learn further about cloud computing, download Asigra's overview entitled The Asigra Advantage.

About the Demystifying Cloud Series: As a recent hire of Asigra, Heather Peters, Marketing Communications Coordinator is attempting to research and wrap her head around the terms and acronyms surrounding cloud computing. Tune in monthly to our blog, The Cloud Backup Blog, and corporate newsletter to follow her series and learnings.

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