De-Dupe, CDP, and Cloud Backup do exist in one product

Sep 2010

De-Dupe, CDP, and Cloud Backup do exist in one product

Posted by Larry Bourgeois

I ran across an interesting blog article posted several weeks ago by Ray Lucchesi of Silverton Consulting.

Here is the link –

He is lamenting the fact that there is not a single product solution that can perform CDP, data de-duplication, and backup to the Cloud. He goes on to describe what would be his version of this product.

I found this interesting because this is exactly what our Asigra product does on a daily basis for MSPs around the world. We provide data de-duplication, CDP, and, depending upon what your definition of backing up to cloud storage means, cloud backup.  There are many definitions of what it means to back up data to the cloud. I would argue that one definition certainly could be “Sending your backup data to an Asigra powered MSP to be stored on disk in the service provider’s datacenter.” What Ray had in mind in his blog article sounds more like direct access to cloud storage like Amazon S3, but I think the Asigra model I just described certainly fits with the definition of cloud backup that is being developed by the SNIA Cloud BUR initiative. As an added benefit, the Asigra solution can even provide for the option to keep the backup data locally at the customer site as well as in the cloud.

A great slideshow overview of how Asigra defines Cloud Backup can be found at the following link –

My two cents . . . .

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Don't forget that that the

Don't forget that that the Backup Lifecyle Management (BLM) module from Asigra fully supports Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Locations.

I believe there will be more Cloud Storage locations than just Amazon becoming available in the future as well.

CDP + Dedupe + Cloud storage

CDP + Dedupe + Cloud storage backup is a winning combination from my perspective. Congrats if you already have this. I didn't know.

Ray Lucchesi

Using the cloud for a CDP

Using the cloud for a CDP repository with deduplicaition hits all the right values from my perspective. If Asigra's already there good for you...

Ray Lucchesi

The link has now been

The link has now been corrected, thanks for pointing it out!

Link doesn't work Not

Link doesn't work
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