Data Protection for Law Firms

Jun 2010

Data Protection for Law Firms

Posted by Amrita Chandra

The degree to which businesses rely on their data for their day-to-day operations can vary - law firms are a prime example of a business type whose data is mission critical.  Asigra service provider CoreVault provides cloud backup services to many law firms across the U.S.  They recently spoke with Jim Calloway, Director of the Management Assistance Program with the Oklahoma Bar Association.  Jim talks about how business continuity is critical for lawyers, saying "if you lose your forms, all of your digital calendar, all of your work in progress, it could quite literally put you out of business".

Jim says it's typical to hear law firms talk about having backup strategies in place, yet frequently, something comes up that prevents the backup from happening.  Does this sound familiar to you or your customers?  If you are a law firm or deliver data protection services to law firms, you may want to share this video with your peers.

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