Data Health Check 2012 Infographic

Jan 2013

Data Health Check 2012 Infographic


By James Watts, Head of Marketing at Databarracks.

We have been holding the Data Health Check survey since 2008 to monitor data security, backup and disaster recovery practices of UK businesses.

Not only does it produce a personalised report for each participant, showing how their answers compared to other businesses in their sector, it is also a great way of identifying backup trends across UK industry as a whole.

Over 500 UK IT professionals took part in our latest survey conducted in the last quarter of 2012 and the results are fascinating.

It shows that backup still remains problematic for IT managers although there has been a dramatic shift in the reasons for it. These days, tablets and smartphones are being cited as the most challenging to backup (30%). The trend for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has landed a whole new set of problems in the laps of IT professionals and is one that needs tackling seriously.

Furthermore, our research shows that two-thirds of companies have no formal BYOD policy, despite the prevalence of devices in the workplace.

Remote offices are also an increasing burden on the IT department with a fifth of respondents reporting problems backing up compared to 14% in 2008.

On a positive note, there has been greater penetration of online backup with only 4% of companies using solely tape for backup purposes, compared with nearly a fifth in 2008. Almost 40% of businesses are now using online backup to protect their data.

There have also been improvements in security with far more backups being encrypted than ever before (61%).

Not surprisingly, human error continues to be the main reason for data loss highlighting the need for the right training at all levels when it comes to data security.

Worryingly, 60% of respondents had experienced restore failures over the previous year, showing how vital it is to have a reliable backup solution.

Take a look at the results in our infographic…

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