Cost Effectively & Efficiently Store Your Data

Apr 2013

Cost Effectively & Efficiently Store Your Data


Asigra recognizes that there are multiple tiers of backup of active data and that the value of data should be aligned with the cost of protecting it. Due to this, we have built the Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM) feature into our software. Utilizing this feature allows you to keep data storage costs effective and efficient.

Operationally critical data requires more frequent backups on higher performance devices. Less critical backups are relegated to less expensive, lower performance devices. Older versions of backup files are moved to slower devices to save costs.

To explain why you need this feature in your business and how it works, Pavan Vyas, Product Marketing Manager, Asigra has given a chalk talk on Backup Lifecycle Management.

Backup Lifecycle Management

As Vyas explains, the BLM process can be automated to occur at a set time, to move data across tiers or when data gets to a certain age. Asigra's unique value ensures data is always recoverable and protected from the core; the data center to the edge (endpoint or external clouds). Download the software overview to learn more about Asigra Cloud Backup.

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