Continuous Data Protection Defined

Jan 2016

Continuous Data Protection Defined


Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is a storage system in which all the data in an enterprise is backed up whenever anyInfinite Loop change is made. In effect, CDP creates an electronic journal of complete storage snapshots; one storage snapshot for every instant in time that data modification occurs. To put it simply, every time you make a change to a document, send an e-mail or modify you information in anyway, that change is instantly backed up. Since disk failures and data loss can happen at anytime, CDP keeps you protected right up to the second.

Asigra’s CDP offers many benefits to services providers such as:

  • Increased SLA compliance
  • Flexible RPO's
  • Immediate protection of critical data

To learn more about CDP and how it can help you grow your backup offering visit the Asigra website, or contact an Asigra representative today.

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