Connecting with Prospects and Customers in the 21st Century.

Feb 2012

Connecting with Prospects and Customers in the 21st Century.

Posted by Tracy Staniland

I recently had the opportunity to hear Marsha Collier speak at the recent Parallels Summit 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Marsha spoke about the importance of social media as it relates to the overall customer experience and the importance of online listening in the 21st century.

Marsha is recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Women Social Media Influencers and is the author of the The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide: How to Connect with your Customers to Sell More!

According to Marsha, customers want to be romanced and enchanted.  Prospective buyers and customers are looking for content, they are looking for validation that they are making the right purchasing decision and engaging in the right partnership.  An example provided during the presentation was that of United Linen Napkin and how the company has taken an innovative approach to providing content in the form of short YouTube videos that demonstrate different ways that you can fold a napkin.  They are delivering effective, useful content to their prospects and customers who desire this content – they are romancing and enchanting their audience with these videos.

Social media is a lot about content and connections.  Connecting, Listening and Acting.

You need to understand social media.  You can no longer ignore social media as there are conversations taking place online that are impacting business decisions that are happening today. It is like taking out the garbage – you have to do it to understand the process.  You can’t delegate social media at the beginning you have to take the time to understand how to connect, how to listen and how to act and then you can start to delegate.  You have to experience it.

For more on Marsha’s presentation, please click here.  

The key to effective social media is to always answer.  Don’t leave anyone unanswered.  It does matter how many followers they have, everyone deserves to be answered and enchanted.

Let’s start the conversation.

Can your customers and prospects find you online?  Do you have a social media plan that consists of connecting with others, listening and acting or responding to conversations?  How often are you connecting? 


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