Cloud Computing -- The Disruptive Technology

Aug 2011

Cloud Computing -- The Disruptive Technology

Posted by Samantha Morris

There are many people out there who still call Cloud Computing a “fad” as a result of marketing hype, as it uses long established computing technologies and that there is simply nothing “new” about it. While Cloud technology does use elements of older technologies such as utility computing, virtualization and grid computing, it goes far beyond that. Cloud Computing is an all-inclusive solution in which all computing resources (hardware, software, networking, storage, etc) are provided rapidly to users.

When I got into the “Cloud” business back in 2008, I did a lot of research about the cloud and found this ZDNet article which has a quote that to this day resonates with me. “…what makes cloud computing work – it is not a disruptive technology in and of itself, but a disruptive IT delivery model which leverages key technology ideas (like grid computing, utility computing and Software as a Service) to deliver IT in a much more efficient model. Because of this, cloud computing has undeniable characteristics of a truly disruptive innovation.”

How the technology is used and the tangible benefits it can provide has determined that “Cloud Computing” is truly here to stay. Ultimately, it can provide the three key benefits that every organization is looking for: reducing costs, increasing productivity and enhancing the customer experience.

Cloud providers must establish ways in which to address the challenges of adoption (security, integration, portability and interoperability) through open collaboration and defining a set of acceptable standards. When this is accomplished Cloud Computing will definitely cross the “chasm” into the mainstream.             

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great read sam. the same

great read sam. the same people calling the cloud a 'fad' are the same people saying Britney(Spears) is a good parent. Companies with an antiquated view on the tech space, will eventually wake up, only to realize the train has left the station and they're left holding their bags out in the cold

Thanks Jacob. And yes, I

Thanks Jacob. And yes, I totally agree -- those you are unwilling to embrace a new age of computing are going to be left in the dust.

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