Cloud Backup Services Can Help You Stay Ahead of the Competition

Aug 2014

Cloud Backup Services Can Help You Stay Ahead of the Competition


Wayne Gretzky once said "Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been." Competition should always beChecklist top of mind for technology solution providers, but searching for new business offerings that will help you stay ahead of the competition can be intimidating. Technology reviews, analyst reports and forums are just a few resources in the marketplace to find out about new revenue generating opportunities.

Ask yourself the following five questions about how you can stay ahead of the competition by offering a secure cloud backup and recovery services:

  1. Expand your portfolio - What related products or services might your customers be interested in? Should you diversify into other areas such as Cloud Backup and Recovery managed services if your client base is still using traditional backup methods? Yes, adding cloud backup services to your portfolio presents an opportunity for you to help your customers modernize their data protection strategies including their backup infrastructure.
  2. Know your Competition - Find out who your key competitors are, what they are offering and what their unique selling point is. This will identify the areas you need to compete in, as well as give you a platform for differentiating yourself. Perhaps your competitors are not offering cloud backup services, which could create a key differentiator for you.
  3. Know your customers - Customer expectations can change dramatically when economic conditions are unstable. Find out what matters to your customers. Is it outsourcing IT services such as backup and recovery? Do your customers want to outsource their backup needs so they can refocus their IT resources on more strategic initiatives? Have your customers deployed new BYOD policies and practices? Are more of customers’ employees using mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets – if so this could present a new opportunity for you to recommend best practices relating to data protection such as backup of the corporate data residing on these devices. These are questions that you need to ask your customers and then revise your sales and marketing strategy accordingly.
  4. Differentiate - It's essential to give your customers good reasons to come to you rather than look at the competition because of their offerings. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) should tap into what customers want and need. It should be clear and obvious no one should ask what makes you different. Do you offer cloud backup services for endpoint devices, third party cloud based solutions like Google Apps, Office 365 and Salesforce? Do you offer secure cloud backup services for remote and branch offices? Do you offer backup services that your competitors don’t? Do you offer better SLAs than your competition?
  5. Plan for the future - Businesses that plan for growth are more successful than those that are happy with the status quo. Keep up with developments in your industry, follow technology trends, invest in new technology and have a clear idea of where you want to be in the next five years.

If you are interested in differentiating from your competition by adding cloud backup and recovery managed services to your portfolio, read 12 Reasons why you should Invest in a Partnership with Asigra to find out how Asigra helps its partners outmarket the competition.

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