Cloud Backup: Providing End-to-End Data Protection

Jul 2011

Cloud Backup: Providing End-to-End Data Protection

Posted by Vanessa Garvin

It wasn’t too long ago that smartphones and tablets emerged in our fast-paced technology driven world.  And now we’re using them at home, at work, on-the-go, pretty much anywhere and everywhere to conveniently access data 24/7. We are even seeing businesses give in to the pressures of consumerization by moving quickly from desktops to tablets without even taking a brief pit stop in Laptopville as employees are forcing corporate IT to support these new devices.

So what does that mean? If you’re seeing dollar signs, that’s exactly what it means for you early adopters and innovators. Asigra saw the opportunity smartphones and tablets presented when they first started taking off, which allowed us to be the first Enterprise Cloud BURR Platform to support these technologies and offer end-to-end data protection, supporting the entire digital footprint. The operating systems supported include Google Android Tablets and Smartphones, as well as the popular Apple iOS iPads, iPods and iPhones.  Not to brag but we ARE the leading innovator in cloud backup, recovery and restore (BURR)!

“As companies deal with a tidal wave of data entering their doors, they need an effective strategy for managing how all of this information is collected, protected and recovered when needed. Asigra delivers a clean and efficient approach regardless of the computing environment that changes the game for IT.” Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) 

With the profileration of social media, more and more data is being created daily and handheld devices are carriers of a lot of critical data that is susceptible to unrecoverable data loss if something happens. We are going to soon find that being able to backup and recover data from these devices isn’t just a cool feature but a necessity for companies as employees increasingly prefer to work on portable, easy to use devices.  If you think that tablets and smartphones are just a fad, not something you’re interested in pursuing and you’re just waiting for that ship to sail, you’re going to find yourself at a huge disadvantage. 

Supporting tablets and smartphones in the work place is becoming mainstream based on the rapid adoption of these devices.   According to industry sources, the mobile phone is projected to become the most common device for accessing the internet and with sales of internet enabled smart phones already surpassing PC sales, tablet device sales is forecasted to eclipse desktop sales by 2013.

The support of mobile devices isn’t the only thing we included in Version 11. Version 11 offers many more cool new features including up to 400% performance improvement to cope with ever increasing data and to accomplish backup within allotted backup windows.

Some other features include:

  • The first multi-tenanted client to dramatically reduce management resources
  • DS-Consumer simple and intuitive “one click” GUI
  • DS-NOC (Network Operations & Controls)
  • An option to view only deleted files in the Restore Wizard that makes it easier and quicker to restore
  • End users can switch encryption on or off for their Local Storage
  • Delta processing is now available for compressed files whether Asigra compression is used or not
  • Auto-upgrade of software components
  • DS-Client databases replication – so providers can offer database recovery options from Replication DS-Systems as well as from Production DS-Systems
  • The option to allocate and license Local-Only storage capacity for DS-Clients based on the actual size of customer data stored in excess of the protected size and native size
  • DS-Operator will display a list of customers that have exceeded or are nearing their storage quota.
  • The Windows DS-Client (using MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Express database) auto-expands the database size when it approaches its 10 GB limit
  • To meet compliance demands, Version 11 can force a backup in File System Backup Sets even if the modified time/size did not change
  • System State file generations are archived to the BLM Archiver
  • Ability to force a master backup: A global DS-Client advanced parameter, SendFullMaster, configures the DS-Client to send a full master generation instead of sending a delta generation (and then asking the DS-System to reconstruct a master from the existing generations)
  • The new Online File Summary report includes the last modified date for a file and the number of generations stored online for a file

If you are looking to enter the business of offering cloud backup services, your organization needs a reliable backup and recovery solution or you are interested in switching to Asigra, contact us today and  find out how to become a partner  or to find an Asigra partner . Make sure to take full advantage of the business benefits of cloud backup while you can! 

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