Carlsberg Singapore Adopts Cloud Backup for Recovery Assurance

Jan 2015

Carlsberg Singapore Adopts Cloud Backup for Recovery Assurance

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

It might be “worth waiting for” a Carlsberg beer every now and then but when it comes to waiting around for backup jobs to Carlsberg Singaporecomplete, Carlsberg’s Singapore IT Executive Li Yong De didn’t have the time. He wanted to make sure all the company’s important data was backed up promptly and continuously even when he was not around to take charge. Using tapes to back up a total of 68 laptops and desktops plus 11 servers every day took too long and was very tedious. Eventually Yong De decided it was necessary to find a data backup and recovery solution that was automated, manageable and required less maintenance, while ultimately keeping all of Carlsberg Singapore’s data intact.

We’ve put together a case study that highlights the solution that Yong De implemented using Asigra Cloud Backup and working with Asigra partner Pantropic Online. You can read the case study to learn the following:

  • Why Carlsberg felt more secure and unconcerned of the troubles they used to face with tape after implementing Asigra Cloud Backup
  • Why Capacity-based pricing enabled Carlsberg Singapore to meet their requirements under tight budgets
  • And much more…

You can read the case study here:

Carlsberg Singapore Adopts Cloud Backup for Recovery Assurance

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