The BYOD Revolution - Are You Prepared to Back It Up?

Nov 2012

The BYOD Revolution - Are You Prepared to Back It Up?

Posted by Heather Peters

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a term widely used to describe employees buying and using their own devices for company work. According to MSP Mentor, 19% of companies reported they adopted BYOD to keep employees happy and 17% of employees cited productivity improvement as the top reason to implement BYOD.

Companies face enormous risks due to the fact that corporate information is now created, edited and maintained on end user devices outside the data center. You can no longer think that these devices are only be using for consumption. Many employees are using them to create and store data.

Do you have a backup plan for this data?

BYOD InfographicWith the growing amount of data being created on non-corporate endpoint devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, we have developed an infographic to shed light on this growing concern.

The best way to ensure that all of your data on mobile devices stays with the company is to have a backup solution that can be easily managed behind the scenes by your IT department or a trusted service provider. Otherwise, your employees may be putting corporate data at risk. And sync n'share is not backup. Backup solutions enable you to have control of retention policies and the number of generations, version management, and document availability at all times. As well, backup solutions provide you with deduplication and compression capabilities that sync n'share do not have.

Asigra can help you find a trusted service provider able to backup and recover everything from data centers, remote and branch offices, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, and cloud-based applications/platforms such as, enterprise applications and databases.

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