Become the Trusted Advisor | Lessons from Aaron Prickel

Jun 2015

Become the Trusted Advisor | Lessons from Aaron Prickel

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Aaron PrickelContinuing in our series on some of the outstanding speakers that will be joining us at the 2015 Asigra Global Partner Summit, today we have a look at a sales superstar: Aaron Prickel. Aaron has been leading sales teams throughout his career, and in his own role has increased sales for companies as high as 92% in three years. After given the opportunity to receive sales training from Lushin & Associates Inc., he started implementing changes based on what he learned and his sales numbers continued to soar through the roof.

No-nonsense Approach

Aaron has a no-nonsense approach to motivating business leaders and sales and marketing teams. That no-nonsense approach is what audiences love about him. He doesn’t hold back, he doesn’t read from a script or a cookie-cutter presentation. He knows how to keep audiences engaged, and provides tips for real-time, real-life challenges.

Aaron is a top-rated speaker and an industry leader in sales-force development. As vice-president and co-owner of Indiana’s largest sales training firm Lushin & Associates Inc., he has more than a decade experience training executives, sales teams and sales managers on how to reach – and often exceed – their business goals. Known for his unique holistic approach to training and coaching, Aaron has helped more than 600 business leaders and sales and marketing professionals from more than 100 companies nationwide simply sell more.

Migrate From Order Taker to Trusted Advisor

As an Asigra partner attending the summit, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from Aaron during his presentation that happens on Wednesday June 17, 2015 at 11:00am. During his talk, Aaron will show you the ways of breaking from the cycle of feeling like a commodity to your prospects and how to transverse your unpaid consulting conversations in order to gain the credibility you deserve and become a Trusted Advisor.

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