A Backup State of Mind

Oct 2010

A Backup State of Mind

Posted by Poorva Dutt


So last week, I held a particularly difficult stretch during hot yoga and my muscles screamed in protest. To turn the cacophony in my mind off, I searched in its corners for some esoteric question.  What instantly jumped at me was “What do back up customers want?” 

Now internal monologues do not need language or words, but I do realize I would have to expand on this question for the purpose of this dialog.  So here I was, standing on one foot, with the other going behind my back and being held by the opposite arm, one arm on my waist, eyes closed and contemplating – what do customers really want when they approach an MSP for evaluating their BUR service?

·        yogaThey want more security for their data.  They may not know, but what they are looking for is a multi-tenant hosting model and complete encryption.

·         They are concerned about the burgeoning costs of data protection with their current service. We don’t treat our grandmother and daughter the same, then why should companies pay a flat rate for all their data?

·         They are out shopping for a turnkey solution, in the absence of their own IT departments.  They want to ensure their data is backed up, but do not want to take on the trouble themselves. 

·         They do not want any more reminders to take a tape back home every day!

·         They do not want the data to leave their premises.  Either due to regulatory or political constraints, they want to ensure business continuity without having to let their data travel over the wire.  So could it be possible that they are actually looking for an option to lease out a BUR service?

·         They don’t want a dead albatross around their neck. Most companies are very hesitant to sign on the dotted line for a piece of software that handcuffs them to a specific hardware, making it difficult to walk away from a bad choice.

·         Most importantly, they need a guarantee around recoverability of their data! Again, they may not know but they might be looking for constant vetting of their backup sets, even when the data does not need to be restored.

Counting to 20, I came out of the stretch enlightened and filled with zen-like clarity.  But I don’t want to wait for my next class to contemplate if I have covered all that these customers need.  So please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment for the same!

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