Backup is getting easier, but does that mean we’re backing up too much?

Dec 2013

Backup is getting easier, but does that mean we’re backing up too much?


The following is a guest post from partner Databarracks:

The results of our annual Data Health Check paint a very interesting picture of IT in the UK in 2013. Firstly it’s worth noting Info graphic thumbnail that despite the negative press that has often surrounded cloud services, according to the 400+ IT professionals we questioned, in reality adoption is up and results are generally positive.


Cloud adoption levels have continued to rise significantly on last year’s figures, with 64% of organisations now using at least one cloud based service, up from just 47% in 2012. Not only are more people using cloud services, but they also seem to have a better understanding of them.

As an Asigra partner, backup always plays a major part in our annual data survey. Of the organisations we questioned, we saw a big reduction the number of companies solely using tape based backup, with figures falling to just 6%. The majority now make the most of combined media and online methods, preferring to use different combinations to suit their needs. This obviously seems to be working for them too, with 94% saying they were confident in their current backup solutions.

But, with this new-found confidence seems to come complacency. Over a third of our respondents don’t have a data retention policy or simply keep all data forever. As physical media advances, it becomes much easier to access our backed up data, which can easily result in unchecked storage growth. It’s important that over the next 12 months organisations implement clear and definitive retention policies in order to really make the most out of their backup solution.

Human error was still found to be the main cause of data loss in 2013. To reduce this risk in future, organisations need to consider increasing the level of automation in their backup processes. Another area for concern is the lack of training in cloud-specific skills. Investment at either an organisational or a personal level is essential in order to keep up with the current pace of the industry, especially in qualifications in the more commonly used cloud platforms such as VMware’s vCloud and Amazon Web Services.

To read the full Data Health Check report, click here.

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