Backup as an attribute of computing - True or False?

Nov 2012

Backup as an attribute of computing - True or False?

Posted by Pavan Vyas

Backup as an attribute of computingShouldn't something as central and routine to IT as backup be an attribute of computing? We definitely think so.

With evolution, we will see greater adoption of tablets and smartphones in the workplace for creating, editing and storing data. Today these devices are mostly used for consumption, but this is shifting – and quickly. Recently I had the advantage to participate at the Gartner Symposium ITXpo and it was evident that more and more professionals are using tablets for the creation of data as everyone was taking photos of the presentations and taking notes with their tablet keyboards to share with colleagues back in the office. As these devices become more prevalent, the concern then becomes how corporate data created on these devices is being protected. According to Gartner, by 2015 more than 60% of enterprises will have suffered material loss of sensitive corporate data via mobile devices.

As we all know there is more and more data being created everyday – so not only is there more devices within the enterprise, there is volumes and volumes of structured and unstructured data that requires backup.

Given the swift and far reaching changes that are happening in the IT environment, if you had your choice of working on a strategic IT initiative like deploying iPads across the enterprise and doing backup - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which initiative you would choose!

We believe that if you think about how much data is being created, where the data is being created, how data is being used today for advanced and progressive analytics, we are sure that you will agree that backup by itself is really not that compelling - but a necessary evil. It makes sense that backup should be an attribute of computing. It will run like a system service in the background integrated into a much larger all encompassing IT management suite backing up all the data irrespective of where it resides in the enterprise and the form that it is in.

To meet that goal, it is essential that all enterprise data be backed up using a single tool into a single consolidated repository irrespective of whether the data is in cloud based applications or platforms, in end point devices, enterprise servers, databases, applications, in the central office or the remote and branch office.

We strongly believe that our vision of backup as an attribute of computing will come true. What are your thoughts?

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