Backup – seen through the eyes of a Generation Y Communications Professional

Apr 2011

Backup – seen through the eyes of a Generation Y Communications Professional

Posted by Sabrina Hahn in Featured

Backup – seen through the eyes of a Generation Y Communications Professional

First of all, I have to admit one thing: When I started to work at the marketing department of matrix mechnology AG in Munich three months ago, I had no clue of what ‘backup’ is all about. I can remember very well how I felt, sitting there - as a 23 year old communication student who had graduated from university only months before – surrounded by highly experienced IT experts who tried to explain information technology to me. I couldn’t have understood less if they had spoken a foreign or another language! ITIL, backup, monitoring, ITSM, iET, FNT, Asigra... what the?!

Then it was Christian’s turn: “The first thing you have to know about backup”, he told me, “is that it is very important. It’s important for private households, but it is business critical for companies.” OK” I thought, so far, so good.

It didn’t take me long to realize how important backup really is. “So... how did she get it?”, you may ask. In fact, it was quite simple. I only had to think about situations in my life when backup could have saved me –hours and days of work and effort:

  •  Most of you probably know the feeling when you realize you lost your cellphone. It’s not about the device you lost. It’s about the data! Just imagine how long it took you to get all the telephone numbers. The music. The photos. The text messages... If you didn’t take a backup, you will NEVER get them back.
  • The second example I am talking about was one of the worst moments in my life. I was writing my bachelor thesis last year. I was working on the thesis for months and in the end, as it always is, I was running out of time and suddenly, the screen of my notebook turned black, and there was silence. You can imagine what happened: the notebook had broken down, and of course, I had not taken a backup. All I had left were my hand-written notes, and one week until I had to submit the document to my professor. I don’t know how I made it, – typing day and night – I somehow managed to re-write the entire document and hand it in just in time! But this definitely was the last time I worked without a backup
  • A few weeks ago, backup really saved me! I was working on my company’s website for days and weeks. Then, one morning, I came in  to the office very early to finish a task, started my computer, wanted to take a look at the website, and found that the development server had gone down overnight. “Oh no, please, this can’t be true. All the work of the last weeks!!!”, I thought. But thanks to the backup of the evening before, everything could be restored! Can you imagine how happy I was?

While it took me some months to understand how backup works, one thing is really clear : backup is extremely important, not only for companies but for individual users as well. 

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