Backing up the next generation of cloud solutions

Aug 2013

Backing up the next generation of cloud solutions


The following is a guest post from Jasmina Vermezovic from LiveBackup

LiveBackup for SalesforceThere is no doubt this is the age of SaaS expansion, and being able to follow and support this trend is the key element of backup provider survival. But what is the true value of this service? What role does backup have in this exciting, new cloud chapter?

In pre-cloud era, business data resided on known locations whether on a company server or a dedicated, hosted machine. With the cloud came efficiency, but a dose of uncertainty as well. Major cloud companies are seeding important business data all over the globe and it is becoming increasingly difficult to track it.

With the arrival of the new backup system, capable of fully addressing the requirements of business cloud applications, customers have regained the sense of control that cloud has previously robbed them of.

Researches, and our own experience demonstrate that no organisation, or at least very few, can afford to spend millions of dollars and years (sometimes even decades) to develop and maintain complex customised business software systems.

Winds of change: SaaS cloud solutions

Businesses today are forced to meet multiple competing objectives, and at the same time they are expected to be flexible, follow changes in legislation and maintain high levels of customer service. All these demands make custom developed CRM, billing and other business systems difficult to maintain and costly to upgrade.

And that is where the true value of SaaS and PaaS solutions comes in. Naturally, companies are quick to adopt them for it often means the difference between competing in the market or forfeiting the game.

Nowadays, governments and agencies too are increasingly onboarding cloud solutions for day-to-day operations, as well as for backing up highly sensitive data.

Speed is crucial. Circumstances are changing rapidly and it is not uncommon for a company to be forced to adapt its business operations accordingly. New SaaS CRM systems can be redesigned in a matter of weeks, which not only saves time and money, but may very well save the company itself.

All these frequent transformations require flexibility beyond the capabilities that traditional backup solutions can offer.

What makes a backup provider valued

Being able to support our customers in this new cloud era means that we need to be recognised a valued service provider in tune with the demands of modern businesses. Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, isn’t that what every service provider should do - recognise the need, or pain of the industry it serves and deliver appropriate solutions?

Of course it is. But with Asigra based solutions, LiveBackup has taken this to a new level creating not only a valued service for its customers, but a real business value for itself as well. We offer a broad portfolio of backup services, capable of supporting different frameworks and methodologies our customers utilise while exploring and navigating the new generation of business technology solutions.

The latest version of Asigra software with extended technical capabilities, opened a whole new chapter for both LiveBackup and our customers. Among the most exciting capabilities is backing up data residing on the Salesforce platform.

Uncover the true value of “taming” the cloud

We are witnessing an incredible rate of Salesforce adoption by businesses of all types and sizes. Being able to protect this crucial customer data in the cloud, as well as data residing on local drives is a must.

It is precisely this ability to “tame the cloud” and provide a truly unique data protection that leverages all the advantages of the next generation cloud solutions, such as Salesforce, with a local copy of data, that provides a special value that differentiates our backup solutions from the rest.

All crucial information our customers create and keep on the Salesforce platform – customer, prospect and partner contacts, quotes, purchase history, new leads, status of deals, information about current and future revenue – all of it currently resides in the Salesforce cloud.

Salesforce has a massive infrastructure, spread all over the globe. Although customers place a significant amount of trust in Salesforce, they can never be sure where exactly their data resides and whether it is completely safe from any form of data loss, or if their data will be available when needed.

Having Salesforce data safely stored on a local device ensures not only its safety, but even more importantly its availability and restorability at all times.

A breath of relief

Our customers already understand the value of their data, and have some reasonable concerns regarding the safety and restorability of their corporate data, currently residing exclusively in the cloud. LiveBackup is excited to be able to extend its centralised data protection solution by including business cloud data.

As always, minimising downtime is a top priority. With data restorations done directly to the cloud, within minutes, our customers do not have to pay the high price of valuable data being inaccessible, or permanently lost.

With all important business data protected, and a copy of it stored both locally and within trusted (and known) data centres, LiveBackup brings a breath of relief to businesses. It is precisely this assurance and continued support in changing circumstances that makes our service valued and trusted.

About Jasmina Vermezovic

Jasmina VermezovicJasmina works as part of the sales team at LiveBackup, Australia’s leading backup and recovery provider. Prior to moving into sales analytics and support, Jasmina was involved in the development of online platforms, technical documentation and web content for the backup services provider. Jasmina holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master’s degree in Ethnology and Anthropology from the University of Belgrade. During her professional career, Jasmina has worked in a variety of roles, including Marketing and Sales Copywriter, Account Manager, as well as Journalist/Editor for the major national news agency where she covered topics in economics, politics, education, social policies and IT related topics. Her interests include data management, data protection and IT trends.

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