Automate Licensing Capacity Management with Asigra Cloud License Server

Apr 2013

Automate Licensing Capacity Management with Asigra Cloud License Server


Wouldn't it be nice if you could buy your licensing capacity in bulk to better improve your flexibility and customer responsiveness?  With the innovative Asigra Cloud License Server you can.

As a service provider, it is guaranteed that your clients will have different amounts of data and rates of data growth. You can purchase licensing capacity based on projected need and have the real time adaptability you need to respond to the changing requirements of your customers - easily distributing sub-terabyte provisioning options amongst customers based on their individual needs.

In Asigra's latest Chalk Talk, Pavan Vyas, Product Marketing Manager explains this innovative technology and its business benefits for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). MSPs who utilize this feature are able to:

  • automate licensing capacity management
  • automatically meet the backup and recovery needs of your clients
  • minimize disruption to your clients' work through failover protection
  • reduce the staff time devoted to managing each client
  • support multiple deployment models including public, private and hybrid clouds
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