Asigra at the Truth in IT Event

May 2013

Asigra at the Truth in IT Event


Curtis PrestonFor anyone that lives and breathes backup solutions, Mr. Backup has become a trustworthy name in the industry.

W. Curtis Preston (aka, Mr. Backup) founded The Truth in IT media and publishing company in 2010 by offering a series of educational seminars, webinars and videos free to IT Professionals. These series are hosted in local cities within North America including two events recently added in London, England. These educational topics include The Truth About Backup and The Truth about Virtualization.

I recently attended the Truth In IT Backup event in Toronto at the Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites and Conference Centre. I wanted to get a glimpse of the event series and learn more about the different product offerings that were available to users in search of backup solutions.

Throughout the event, Curtis provided independent insights and spoke about concepts and techniques rather than focusing on specific products. His knowledge and humor brought a fresh insight to your typical IT seminar. Some of the topics included “Curtis’ Take on Tape: Tape is dead, Long Live Tape” or “Curtis’ take on Duplication – It’s a pretty Big Deal”.

Another component of the series included a handful of companies which offer Backup Solutions/Services. These companies had an opportunity to present during the event. An exhibit area was also on-site at the event whereby users were able to ask additional questions or view demonstrations.

I would highly recommend attending these events for anyone interested in learning more about backup and the best part about this event, vendors are all under one roof! For more information about the event series or to learn more visit

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